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SHATTERED TRUTH: A Sara Steele Novel

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SHATTERED TRUTH: A Sara Steele Novel

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SHATTERED TRUTH: A Sara Steele Novel

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Synopsis by Garry J. Peterson
The existence of alien life on planet Earth has been discussed and argued for centuries. The ancient alien theory phenomenon is now well established as one of the fiercest debates known today, joining politics and religion, with both sides enjoying their “sell” from classrooms to family barbeques. 

The complex issue of “are there or aren’t there…were there or weren’t there” cannot be answered in a simple yes or no. Rather, the only recourse left is to gather the facts and evidence, whatever that may be, and draw your own conclusion. As more documentation, artifacts, research technology, and global structural similarities turn up, the number of believers grows. Alien theorist conventions and their attendance are growing as well.

This brings us to the Stevenson family and this science fiction series thriller, SHATTERED TRUTH. It is the journey of three generations told in a series of five books starting with the first book involving ancient alien hunter, Grandad Pete Stevenson.

An “Indiana Jones” kind of guy, he spends a small fortune trying to determine a logical outcome between informed speculation and science fiction. He also believes that there are not only aliens among us but evil aliens too. He is a hard-charging, relentless adventurer who often seeks a shady or unlawful means to his expected end. Flawed he is, yes, and a “ready, fire, aim” road warrior who just doesn’t take no for an answer.

The importance of Pete’s journey is to gain a hold on the facts and data that make the most sense regarding alien existence and present those findings to a worldwide audience. He assembles a small team of similarly wired ancient alien artifact hunters, and they all experience adventures that they had never expected. Adding to the tension and excitement, Pete uncovers a terrorist group through his global travels that have a truly sinister agenda.

His son, Mike, is far more logical and pragmatic. He is not a strong supporter of his dad’s alien escapades, but he truly appreciates Pete’s energy and commitment. Also, Pete and his team of extraterrestrial theorists have uncovered hard evidence of alien existence that is difficult to disprove. Mike takes on some research himself, mostly out of curiosity, and conflict develops between Mike and his wife, Christine, that leads to some bumpy roads. As Mike gathers more evidence of Pete’s conviction, Mike takes on a much more focused role in the alien ventures.

Mike and Christine have a daughter, Sara, who becomes the risk-taker and problem-solver in the family and the series main character. Sara possesses the strong attributes of both her father and grandfather and makes the perfect protagonist for this novel. She is strong, intelligent, and very demanding. Sara becomes a trusted and respected leader of the Extraterrestrial Research Team, ETRT, and will eventually become the legend of her generation.

It’s now the year 2026 and the world is under attack from nature’s global warming, military, and government cover-ups, terrorists, anarchy alliances, and, of course, aliens. Melting polar ice caps and Greenland’s glacier deterioration have resulted in substantial sea-level rise and unprecedented weather anomalies. The threat of war is high.

The generational family journey into all things alien starts with Pete Stevenson’s cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. While searching the cabin for significant alien artifacts collected by Pete’s associates, Sara and members of her research team come under a serious terrorist attack, which provides the mission catalyst to seek the hidden answers that have been just out of the reach of contemporary scientists and truth-seekers.

Following the cabin attack, Sara experiences both a physical and mental transition and takes on the persona of Sara Steele, Warrior Princess. She now has the passion and determination to finish her grandad’s quest, along with a loyal following of subject-matter experts and unlimited financing from a wealthy entrepreneur. Her intense focus now defines her day-to-day behavior. Perseverance is her mantra.

The ETRT pulls all of their research and Pete’s findings together and prepares a presentation for several key committees of Congress. The last chapter involves a terrorist group taking control of the plane carrying the team en route to Washington, D.C. With disastrous airplane coordinates now aimed at the Pentagon, watchful aliens take over the plane for an exciting climax.

This book is the first of a five-book series, STARGATE EARTH, which will provide a journey into the unknown cosmos and to a mental and physical labor of debating or debunking truth versus myth. It involves three generations of one family that begins an adventure that none could have imagined with results that defied accepted logic and belief. It is not just about the presence of aliens on Earth, but what would be their intention if and when they were here.

There are two trillion galaxies in what is called the observable universe. Each galaxy contains billions of stars. What are the odds?

SHATTERED TRUTH is also laced with a fabric of humor, family history, actual incidents, romance, and wonderful stories. I strongly believe that stories are remembered much longer than facts. It’s just the way people are wired.

ALIEN DISRUPTION, Book Two in the Stargate Series, is now available too!.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Garry J. Peterson is the author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, following a successful career in international corporate management. His most recent non-fiction book is a “how-to” business book, Who Put Me in CHARGE? Garry has also completed a companion Implementation Guide for this book.

As a former consultant and business coach, Garry now spends his time writing science fiction thrillers and conducting both motivational and subject matter speaking engagements.

Garry has written over 300 trade journal articles, white papers, client presentations, and website content. He has given commencement addresses and public service keynote speeches.

He has a passion for hard science fiction and weaves personal stories, humor, and visionary thinking into his writings. His current writing project is a five-book sci-fi series, STARGATE EARTH, beginning with book one, SHATTERED TRUTH.

Garry lives in Florida with his wife Vaune. He plays in a competitive softball league and is an avid scuba diver and kayaker. Their daughter, Sarah, lives in San Francisco.

Visit his website at

You can also follow Garry on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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