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Alien Disruption

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Alien Disruption

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Book Two of The Stargate Series by Garry J. Peterson


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  The existence of alien life on planet Earth has been discussed and argued for centuries. The ancient alien theory phenomenon is now well established as one of the fiercest debates, and the complex issues of “are there or aren’t there…were there or weren’t there” cannot be answered in a simple yes or no.

            In book one, SHATTERED TRUTH, ancient alien hunter Pete Stevenson was the family generational pioneer in the search for the truth that was out there. In what could only be called a “bittersweet” journey, Pete found such evidence, including encounters with friendly temporal aliens, and paid the ultimate price with his life.

            Pete’s granddaughter Sara Steele had an intense need to either prove or disprove Grandad Pete’s alien theories; and as her vision became clear, she established and directed the Extraterrestrial Research Team, or ETRT, and her similarly-wired associates became our world’s best shot at understanding alien presence and even determining planet Earth’s survival.

            In SHATTERED TRUTH, Sara’s team was introduced to the same friendly temporal aliens that her grandad had met, but this time the alien encounters prevailed in real life-and-death circumstances. Sara had been given the ultimate gift of alien resources and the penultimate truth that she was Earth’s Chosen One.

            In book two, ALIEN DISRUPTION, Sara Steele becomes the absolute leader of a multi-talented and intensely focused group of determined disruptors—fighting crime, tyranny, secret societies, suppressed technology, climate change, and even evil aliens. Having been physically rebuilt and now possessing superhuman strength, Sara’s capabilities are taken to the limit.

            ALIEN DISRUPTION is a visionary novel giving the reader an alarming apocalyptic glimpse of the future. Then, the reader gets to play, despite the evil aliens, a constructive part in a creative process promoting a unified advance of our human species through a holistic transformation of Spaceship Earth and the people on board for this incredible journey.

            The most dynamic relationship storyline in ALIEN DISRUPTION becomes the intense, mutually beneficial, and effective relationship between Sara and the female alien leader, Echo, as well as Sara’s strong physical, mental, and emotional bond with alien warrior Pulse.

            Humor, storytelling, and the several flawed but well-intentioned characters give the reader a sense that this story is as much about people, family, and what we all struggle with day after day, as it is about science fiction. Leadership and a strong moral and spiritual fabric are the pillars that define bad behavior and drive good behavior.

            The ending of ALIEN DISRUPTION will provide a multi-faceted cliffhanger that will tie books three, four, and five remarkably into the STARGATE EARTH SERIES, and leave the reader anxious and excited to read book three, WARRIORS OF THE GALAXY.


Garry J. Peterson is the author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, following a successful career in international corporate management. His most recent non-fiction book is a “how-to” business book, Who Put Me in CHARGE?

Garry has also completed a companion Implementation Guide for this book, Getting to the NEXT LEVEL.

As a former consultant and business coach, Garry now spends his time writing science fiction thrillers and conducting both motivational and subject matter speaking engagements.

Garry has written over 300 trade journal articles, white papers, client presentations, and website content. He has given commencement addresses and public service keynote speeches.

He has a passion for hard science fiction and weaves personal stories, humor, and visionary thinking into his writings. His current writing project is a five-book science fiction series STARGATE EARTH, beginning with his recently published book one, SHATTERED TRUTH, and book two in the series, ALIEN DISRUPTION.

Garry lives in Florida with his wife Vaune. He plays in a competitive softball league and is an avid scuba diver and kayaker. Their daughter, Sarah, lives in San Francisco.

Visit his website at

You can also follow Garry on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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