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Sacred Power of the Universal Laws Revealed by Sharka Glet, D.D., M.A.

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Sacred Power of the Universal Laws Revealed by Sharka Glet, D.D., M.A.

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Attention all students of enlightenment:

Sharka Glet’s finely wrought work, Sacred Power of the Universal Laws Revealed, provides a fresh approach to understanding and interpreting the thirteen Universal Laws that are the foundation for every major religion and spiritual teaching. Ms. Glet points out that these Universal Laws are also the natural or inherent Principles of Creation.

This book is now available on Kindle (click here). 

Writes Ms. Glet:

In any creation, all the Universal Laws function simultaneously with or without our awareness. In order to understand Creation with awareness, the creative process was divided into these twelve different functions of the twelve Universal Laws. The thirteenth Law consists of the use of the twelve Universal Laws working simultaneously.

Ms. Glet, a professional artist and spiritual teacher with twenty-five years of research, discovery, and application of these Universal Laws, clearly and succinctly demonstrates how we can further empower ourselves by applying these Laws to every aspect of our life—whether mapping out our life purpose, launching a successful career, creating works of art, or merely dealing with everyday challenges.

Writes Ms. Glet: “In order for the Complete Law to be present in our consciousness we need to be aware of how the Whole Mind and all of the Universal Laws function.”

Reasoning is a function of the Conscious; Intuition is a function of the Subconscious; and Divine Guidance is a function of the Superconscious part of the Mind.  

To use the Whole Mind with Conscious Awareness while simultaneously using the Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious parts of the Mind, we need to apply Reasoning, Intuition, and Divine Guidance simultaneously, with awareness.  

First, however, states Ms. Glet, we must learn how to listen to our inner guidance and “still the mind.” A stilled mind is the necessary environment for embracing the Universal Laws.

We must also practice transforming every challenge into a growth opportunity by learning how to ask what Ms. Glet calls “the positive and objective question.”

Why are all of these laws and practices necessary? States Ms. Glet, after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, they became “emotionally overwhelmed”:

This Emotional misunderstanding caused a separation of our consciousness from Intuitive and Divine Guidance. The ones who disobeyed are called Humans. As a result of the separation, Human consciousness became trapped in Physical thinking.

The separation from Divine Guidance caused fear of survival and this fear produced a selfish motivation for creating… Unfortunately, the reason for most Humans to live and create is motivated by fear. “The Garden of Eden” represents safe conditions of living and creating with Divine Guidance. Being chased from the Garden of Eden illustrates losing the security of Divine Guidance. Losing our security leads to fear of surviving on our own.

How, then, do we learn to survive on our own? How do we release ourselves from the entrapment of physical thinking so we can re-connect with Divine Guidance? As evidenced by history, humans have sought protection through religious dogma and ritual and the formation of spiritual societies. All of these human expressions of longing to be reconnected with (God, The Source, The All in All, etc.) are rooted in the Universal Laws. States Ms. Glet, “It is therefore no mystery that these Universal Principles are the same Laws of Creation.”


In a detailed yet lucid exposition of the Laws of Creation and their application to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual manifestation, Ms. Glet expertly guides the reader through the dynamics of “seeing objectively, or seeing with both sides of truth or wholeness,” as applied to science, art, and spirituality.

One of the highlights of the book is Ms. Glet’s brilliant analysis of the Golden Proportional Division, viz., the integral connection between the creative process and spiritual growth. Ms. Glet further points out that all human accomplishments of merit in every field of endeavor share the same “positive and objective” method for understanding and applying the Laws.

This book should be a basic textbook for all formal programs of metaphysical study. It should also be considered a requisite for every serious student of art, philosophy, epistemology, theology, psychology, and related disciplines. — Carol Adler, Professional Writer, Editor, Entrepreneur & Certified Hypnotherapist, B.A., Philosophy; M.F.A., Creative Writing/Poetry

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Sharka Glet with a Masters of Art Degree from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and Doctor of Divinity Degree from the School of Metaphysics in Missouri is a professional artist, writer, wife, mother, grandmother, counselor, and spiritual teacher. Sharka Glet’s parents, both artists, influenced her love for art. Glet has always known since she was a little girl that her life mission is to bring an important new element into the world of art.

While growing up under the influence of a Communist system in the former Czechoslovakia, Glet had to hide her spiritual experiences, such as astral projection, telepathy, and miraculous healing. The exclusive materialistic explanation that was provided by the Communist system was not satisfactory to her. Therefore, soon after Glet immigrated to the United States, she started to seek answers that could not be answered by her religion or the former political system. She wanted to understand how she personally contributed to those supernatural experiences.

Glet’s spiritual journey started in California by practicing Hatha Yoga, followed by taking a seven-month course at You Metaphysical Institute in Los Angeles, then seven years of participation in Transcendental Meditation program in Chicago. For eighteen years Glet studied and taught students how to raise consciousness in the School of Metaphysics. She also became a director of one of their Chicago-area branches.

As a professional artist Glet combines her love of art with devotion to her spiritual growth in her artwork. She applies her intuition and understanding of Sacred Geometry while sculpting, painting, and writing.

Glet works in the Friends of Community Public Art Studio in Joliet, Illinois, as a leading artist creating murals, mosaics, and sculptures.  She is also involved in painting and sculpting angels. She believes that her understanding of spirituality, which includes the importance of purpose, is the new element that she brings into the art world. Glet creates purposeful art.  It means that she learns about her authentic self while creating it. She enjoys talking about her discoveries and loves to teach others to do the same.

Glet gives lectures and TV and radio interviews educating people about the creative use of the mind.  She also loves to counsel people to aid them to understand spiritual lessons in any of their everyday life experiences.  She is available to aid anyone who seeks to learn to know his or her authentic self. Sharka Glet can be reached for coaching/counseling, media interviews, through email: or on her website

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