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Please Believe Me: Finding My Voice and Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

Robert D Reed Publishers

Please Believe Me: Finding My Voice and Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

$ 14.95

All She Ever Wanted
Was to Believe She Was Loved

When author Shirley Aumack quietly confronted her father asking him to stop sexually abusing her as a little girl, she got this tirade from her father:

"No one cares what I do to you.
I don't love you, no one loves you,
and no one will EVER love you."

How does a little girl ever heal from this? Compounding the pain of this horrific, inhumane message and the sexual abuse starting when she was eight years old was having a mother who was emotionally vacant. Shirley Aumack never received any affection from her, never heard the words, "I love you" or any such affirming messages. She never attempted to tell her mother about the abuse and never found anyone to confide in who would believe her.

It is common for people who have endured such hellish abuse to overcompensate their feelings of low self-worth by excelling at everything they do. And Shirley is no exception. Throughout her life, she has excelled at everything--academically, professionally, personally as a mother, wife, friend, and in every role she has impressively had love as her guiding force.

Lois Einhorn, PhD, author of Forgiveness and Child Abuse: Would YOU Forgive? writes about PLEASE BELIEVE ME:
"Shirley is a gifted storyteller making the book a quick read. But her messages will stay with me for a very long time. She covers unflinchingly details of her life including her despair and devastation. But her book is not only of surviving but also of thriving. In addition to horrifying images, she includes laugh-out-loud stories. Ultimately this book is inspiring and empowering, hopeful and healing. Shirley's life serves as a testament to the preciousness of all life, the transformative power of love, the triumph of the human spirit, and the need for humor."


  1. Sexual abuse survivors will learn how to navigate their lives after the abuse.
  2. Friends and relatives of sexual abuse survivors will learn how to better understand how the abuse affects the lives of survivors.
  3. Survivors will learn how to handle difficult situations in their lives and how they can overcome these situations to have a better life and much less anxiety in their lives.
  4. Childhood survivors will learn to understand the concept of the inner child and how this child can be helped to become an adult.
  5. Childhood survivors will learn how to overcome their childhood difficulties that come from not being heard by their parents.
  6. Childhood and adult survivors will learn how to recognize the people in their lives that they can depend on and who love them and learn to speak to their supporters who are always there for them rather than constantly looking for help from the wrong people in their lives.
  7. Childhood and adult survivors will learn how to recognize the things in their life that make them feel uncomfortable for whatever reasons and learn how to overcome these.
  8. Survivors and the people around them will learn how important health care professionals are in their lives including doctors, nurses, support groups and mental health providers.
  9. Survivors will learn how to choose people in their lives who treat them properly and to never let people into their lives who will not treat them properly.
  10. Remember, survivors, if someone does not believe you, keep looking for someone who does!

Shirley Aumack was born and lived most of her life in New Jersey along with her husband of 50 years. Together they have two sons and two grandchildren.

In her junior year of high school she was an exchange student to Guatemala. After her marriage, while her husband was in the Air Force, they lived in Italy for three years. Both of these experiences were life changing. After high school she attended Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, where she majored in Economics and was a DJ and the Station manager of the college radio station.

Her first job was for the New Jersey Bell Telephone Company as the first women hired from outside the company to be in management.

After she had children, she began to work preparing income taxes and eventually started her own business in income tax preparation and financial management which she had for 35 years. During that time she became a Certified Financial Planner and an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service in 1987. She became a Collaborative Law Financial Professional in 2009. She taught many seminars and classes over the years including at Rutgers University and many other venues and appeared on national television regarding financial planning for divorce.

During this time she was a licensed life insurance agent and a registered representative with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and she is rightfully most proud that she never had a complaint filed against her by the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency.

She has been in Who’s Who in American Women since 1993, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry since 1996 and an Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award recipient since 2019.

PLEASE BELIEVE ME: Finding My Voice and Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse
by Shirley Aumack
ISBN: 978-1-944297-62-6, 174 pages, $14.95
KINDLE: 978-1-944297-63-3, $7.99



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