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A Healer Forged in Fire by Cathy Morton

Robert D Reed Publishers

A Healer Forged in Fire by Cathy Morton

$ 14.95

In a gripping story of ultimate triumph, Cathy Morton is only four years old when a fiery explosion rocks her carnival world. Torn from a life full of color and fun, Cathy is thrown into a white hospital world full of pain, where survival and healing are all that matter. While struggling to recover, she endures still deeper inner scars inflicted by an alcoholic father.
We travel with Cathy from the crushing childhood trauma to healing and freedom while working with master healers around the world. Over and over again, she confronts the raw and jagged edges of betrayal, struggling to discover a depth of forgiveness that could set her soul free. Through her courage and tenacity, she uncovers a depth of grace and compassion seldom witnessed in our deeply divided world.
Guided by an angelic force, she now devotes her life to helping others heal and activate their own spiritual gifts.

Also available as a Kindle eBook for $8.88:



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