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It's More Than Just Making Them Sweat

Robert Reed Publishers

It's More Than Just Making Them Sweat

$ 9.95

A Career Training Guide for Personal Fitness Trainers

by Ed Thornton

"Finally, a concise, easy to read, success guide for personal trainers, written by a working, successful personal trainer. Ed Thornton not only captures the spirit of what it takes to train people for a living, but also outlines how to be outstanding at it. I wish this book were around 13 years ago when I started training." — Pam Harvey, Instructor, Disabled Sports USA, Full Certification, Member, Professional Ski Instructors of America, Full time personal trainer, AFAA Certified

"Ed Thornton effectively shares how to communicate scientific information in understandable terms, which is crucial when working with clients. His relevant stories and analogies are inspiring. This is a fun book to read, with great humor and sound advice. It provides personal trainers with valuable tools for success. The philosophical foundation established early in the book is excellent. There are important scientific definitions interspersed with real life stories, useful tips, up-to-date fitness information, and strategies for how personal trainers can truly make a difference." — Bonnie Nygard, Author of The Ultimate Guide of One Minute Workouts and Innovative Fitness Connections

"Ed Thornton has captured the real essence of personal training. It is about the person/trainer interaction." — Michael A. Rickett, M.S., C.S.C.S., President of Innovative Fitness

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ed Thornton has been a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and dietary counselor in Boulder Colorado for the past fifteen years. His primary goal has always been to help each of his clients establish the lifetime habit of exercise through the system of education, motivation, and partnership that he has developed during his career. At his facility, he teaches the practical application of resistance training and aerobic activity along with healthful diets and the development of a deeper level of commitment and personal responsibility on behalf of his clients. His book for personal trainers is the culmination of his experience and the foundation of his successful career.

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