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Hotel Hell Beverly Hills and Beyond: Stories Working the Graveyard Shift by Christie Smith

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Hotel Hell Beverly Hills and Beyond: Stories Working the Graveyard Shift by Christie Smith

$ 11.95

Hotel Hell Beverly Hills and Beyond:
Stories Working the Graveyard Shift

by Christie Smith


Oh, for the Things that Happen in the Middle of the Night!

What a crazy life working as a front desk agent, night auditor, and supervisor! Experiences at a front desk in any hotel can be exasperating, frustrating, routine, simple, complicated, fascinating, intriguing, pleasant, boring, dull, perplexing, interesting, confusing, intimidating, scary, sometimes even fun—depending on the customers, the circumstances, the time of day, and how rested and refreshed or burned out and tired one is. The graveyard shift brought with it the added element of safety and adrenaline rushes, at times requiring in-house security to come to the rescue or even the local police on occasion.

A really fun and interesting read, you will enjoy Christie Smith’s 79 stories from her twenty years working in high-end hotels and how she dealt with all kinds of people: those who were mentally unstable, drunk, drugged, demanding, or lonely and foreigners, scam artists, hustlers, movie stars, film makers, etc. From celebrity encounters to the dead bodies to the major malfunctions to everything in between, this variety of stories is perfect to have on a bedside table or in the bathroom to read one bit at a time... OR take on a plane to read before your next hotel stay!

Here are just a few of the story titles:

  • Housekeeping Horrors 
  • Frat Party 
  • Hanky Panky 
  • The Proposal 
  • Hell in a Hand Basket 
  • The Saudi Royals 
  • The Scam of the Century
  • Strangers in the Night 
  • The Unwelcome Guest 
  • Shake, Rattle, and Roll 
  • Japanese Eggshells 
  • Wakey, Wakey, Wakey

FIVE-STAR REVIEW ON AMAZON: This book is a fun, engaging read. I'm one of those people who get very bored with books easily. This one, however, really kept me wanting to stay up all night and read. I also like how the book is written with short stories and clear chapter titles, so it's easy to put down without losing your place/vibe for when you start up again. I loved the celebrity stories, and the author's enthusiasm. Highly recommend for anyone traveling, or just curious about a day in the life of a celebrity.
~ Eesha

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Hotel Hell Beverly HIlls and Beyond
ISBN: 978-1-944297-34-3
e-Book ISBN: 978-1-944297-35-0
Soft cover, 6 x 9, 152 pages, $11.95
Kindle e-Book, $6.95

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