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Happily Un-Married by Dr. John Curtis

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Happily Un-Married by Dr. John Curtis

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Relationships are Serious Business

Living together is becoming widely accepted among all ages, and this is the first book to take a serious and non-judgmental look at helping these couples improve the fitness of their relationships.

Anyone cohabitating or who is interested in learning more about cohabitation will benefit greatly by reading Happily Un-Married,  Dr. Curtis’ new book. It provides a clear, straightforward explanation about cohabitation... the reasons for its meteoric rise, the consequences, the trends, and some startling predictions about the future of live-in relationships.

Happily Un-Married takes readers step-by-step through Dr. Curtis’ nine proven “strategies” to establish and sustain a thriving and healthy cohabitating relationship.  Using exercises, quizzes, surveys, and written activities, couples will be able to successfully complete the following:

  • Write a vision statement for their relationship
  • Develop specific and measurable objectives for their relationship and for both partners
  • Create a common approach to money and financing the relationship
  • Identify a relationship “brand” and strategies for “marketing” the relationship
  • Conclude a successful merger of “mind styles” process and agreement
  • Draft job descriptions outlining each partner’s specific tasks and responsibilities
  • Complete regular performance feedback sessions and an annual performance review
  • Determine a relationship compensation and benefits “package”
  • Conduct valuable partner meetings and an annual relationship retreat; and much, much more!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  John Curtis, Ph.D.  is a researcher, organizational development consultant, business trainer, and author. Prior to that, John was a full-time marriage and family counselor and was a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He holds a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development from Barry University in Miami, FL.  John is married with two children and two grandchildren.

NOTE: Dr. Curtis has a Cohabitation Toolkit available on line.

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