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Handling Employment for Bosses and Supervisors by Geoffrey H. Hopper

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Handling Employment for Bosses and Supervisors by Geoffrey H. Hopper

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Cases of this book could prevent Cases in Court!
It is estimated that one out of three bosses/ supervisors will be involved in claims during their careers, frequently in the six- and seven-digit numbers.  This can literally destroy a business, oftentimes with bosses or supervisors oblivious they were even in violation of any laws.
As Bill Evans, VP/GM of Desert Television says, “Save yourself and your business some time, money, and grief by reading this book by Geoffrey Hopper.  Geoff's insight and expertise on employment law will help any business manager save their company money if they only read the book and follow the advice given.”

Handling Employment for Bosses and Supervisors
Guidelines to Avoid Employee Lawsuits, With a Touch of Humor

“Geoff has taken this topic and created a clear, concise, and very workable tool that can be used to deal with the day-to-day questions that employers are so often faced with.”  ~  Robin Hood ,  V.P. of West Coast Operations, Mathis Brothers Furniture

“This book is short but filled with sage advice based on Geoff’s success as an attorney, which will be invaluable to conscientious bosses and supervisors.”   ~ Dr. Ronald Ellis,  President, California Baptist University

“As always, Geoff’s straightforward and comprehensive depiction of employment guidelines provide an excellent foundation for all supervisors and managers.  If more people followed his suggestions, employment attorneys would have little to do.”   ~ Erin Fuller, SVP Human Resources, Altura Credit Union

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Geoffrey H. Hopper (Labor and Employment Attorney, Received highest independent rating in North America) began employment at the age of six working for his father’s steel company located in California, working his way up through the family-owned business and obtaining his contractor’s license as a teenager while at the same time going to college and graduating from law school by the age of twenty-four where he was selected as best oral advocate.  From there he was employed by a prestigious law firm where he worked for nearly twenty years, during which time he also served as the president of California, Riverside County’s Bar Association and began his practice in the area of employment and business law.  Eventually this practice evolved into not only writing numerous articles but also providing in excess of 1,000 lectures and seminars for attorneys, law schools, universities, businesses, service organizations, and clients.  In 2001, he retired as a partner from his old firm and started his own firm and now practices in Redlands, California, serving literally hundreds of employers in both labor and employment matters.  He has been selected as one of the best attorneys in the United States as well as having received the highest independent rating available for attorneys in the North America.  He and his wife Lauralea have three children and reside in Lake Arrowhead, California.  

Having presented more than one thousand (1000!) seminars, he is the man for you to call.

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