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365 Ways to Brighten Your Life & Enhance Your Creativity

by Lindsay Collier

Creative things about Get Out Of Your Thinking Box:

    * It provides fun, practical, and easy tips for transforming one's thinking and for creating breakthroughs in one's life and work.
    * It offers suggestions for stimulating ideas and for brainstorming sessions.
    * There are plenty of ideas to share with family members, friends and coworkers for fun or for resolving conflicts.

Why change old patterns? People tend to get trapped into thinking process ruts, which limits their possibilities outside normal patterns and preventing them from tapping into fuller creative potential.

Both individuals and organizations are often confined to "thinking boxes," thereby blinded to what exists outside those limits and missing out on a world of opportunities which may be hidden. Knowing what exists outside our everyday field of view can produce numerous benefits. Making appropriate shifts in our thinking may be difficult, yet can be rewarding.

GET OUT OF YOUR THINKING BOX can teach readers how to make simple changes in everyday routines in order to shift their thinking.

Innovative ideas usually come to us during an incubation stage, often triggered by something which is not directly related to the problem on which we are working. When we try to force new ideas from inside our normal box of thinking the results are usually not spectacular. Creative ideas frequently come when we drop what we are doing and move on to some other thought pattern. Then we discover some great insights related to the problem which we thought we had dropped.

GET OUT OF YOUR THINKING BOX offers numerous suggestions to shift thought patterns and to find new thinking and ideas that will provide triggers. There are 365 ways to become someone or something else, think something else, do something else, or go somewhere else. Each one of these suggestions can help readers to get further outside thinking patterns so that they may discover new possibilities in their life and work.

About the Author: LINDSAY COLLIER
After serving as a Captain in the US Army Lindsay joined Eastman Kodak where he started as an engineer and became their expert in organizational creativity, innovation, and change. At Kodak he trained hundreds of Kodakers in these topics and was responsible for carrying out many brainstorming sessions to solve problems and create new products. He took an early retirement from Kodak to pursue a writing and speaking career with the goal of helping organizations to think creatively as to what is possible. He has written several books to include The Whack-A-Mole Theory and GET OUT OF YOUR THINKING BOX. He has been a featured speaker at a wide array of organizations at home and abroad. His presentations are fast, fun, humorous, and packed with very unique ideas on how to raise the level of thinking. He was also responsible for building one of the first corporate "Humor Rooms" designed to help people tap this resource in their work.

After losing his wife to cancer he wrote the book, Jan's Rainbow, and has spoken to many groups on the topic of dealing creatively with loss in your life and has recently published a Kindle book, Surviving the Loss of Your Loved One. These books and his presentations of this topic has helped hundreds of people cope with loss in their lives.

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