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PICK ONE: Ways You Can Help The World, The Nation, Your Region, Your Community

Robert Reed Publishers

PICK ONE: Ways You Can Help The World, The Nation, Your Region, Your Community

$ 14.95

 by Colin Ingram & Robert D. Reed

This book is also available for $7.99 on Kindle (click here).

PickOne will ignite and guide your passion to make a difference. It makes it easy for you to identify and help the causes that you strongly believe in.

Many of us are doing less than we would like because. . .
1) We’re bombarded with solicitations.
2) The needs seem overwhelming.
3) We’re uncertain of how our money and
volunteer efforts will be used.
4) If we feel deeply about a cause, we may not
know how to help.

PickOne eliminates these hurdles by describing the organizations that are widely praised for their efficiency and effectiveness and are making a real difference.

Yes, we see and hear bad news on the media all the time, but what goes unreported is the fact that so many individuals and organizations are doing incredibly powerful things to make this world a better place. You’ll find many of them in this book.

Whether you’re concerned with the far corners of the world, the nation or your own community,
PickOne is the tool to help you jump-start your efforts to do your part, and to make sure your help goes where it’s supposed to and is really effective!

Individuals, businesses, schools, clubs, religious organizations, sports teams, and family foundations will be inspired to PickOne and find a mission that will make a positive change in our world.

PickOne is a 336-page resource of charities, some will sound very familiar, like the American Red Cross, Make a Wish Foundation, Kiwanis International, and Salvation Army; and then there are some that will surprise you, such as Bat Conservation International, Academy of American Poets, Center for Food Safety, and Smile Train (to help people in 71 countries have their cleft palates repaired.

PickOne not only describes the charities and gives contact information, but it gives the statistics on what percentages go to actual program expenses, administrative expenses, and fund raising expenses. You can give with confidence when you know how your money is going to be used.

Why I researched and wrote this book By Colin Ingram

For years now I and my many friends and associates have been inundated with solicitations. Under guise of surveys, questionnaires, dramatic alerts, etc., they all want money. And many political groups and non-profits send out pleas for dollars over and over again, even when you've just donated.
The sheer bulk of the solicitations and the frequent misrepresentations are enough to turn most people away from giving anything.
Me, too!
But I thought there's got to be a better way. So I began a lengthy research effort (I'm a professional author and researcher) into international, national and local charities. I learned which ones have great reputations but don't spend money wisely, and the many unknown ones that do terrific work efficiently.
All this came together when my lifelong friend, publisher Bob Reed, thought this was an idea worthy of investing. This resulted in Pick One being published and distributed in the U.S. and worldwide.
I think you'll find a wealth of information in this book, in handy form, and that it will enable you, too, to make a difference in the world. Thanks for your attention.
ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Colin Ingram, semi-retired, works as a researcher, editor, and book reviewer/reader for Robert D. Reed Publishers. Robert D. Reed, owner of this publishing company has a long history of working with Colin, and through their solid friendship, co-created this book. PickOne is a reflection of their values to make this a better world by helping people sort through the many options to donate their time and money with confidence they will make a difference.

Ways You Can Help
The World, The Nation,
Your Region, Your Community

by Colin Ingram & Robert D. Reed

CATEGORY: Philanthropy /
Charity / Volunteer Work
Soft Cover, 336 pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-934759-30-1
World Rights Available


AT (541) 347-9882

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