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In Pursuit of Health and Longevity: Wellness Pioneers through the Centuries by Cal Samra

Robert D Reed Publishers

In Pursuit of Health and Longevity: Wellness Pioneers through the Centuries by Cal Samra

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Educational, Enlightening, and Entertaining

An Indexed Health Resource Like No Other Before!

For the past 34 years, Cal Samra, age 87, an avid tennis player to this day, has been the editor of a national humor newsletter called The Joyful Noiseletter directed mainly to churches and health professionals. Health, physical fitness, and longevity have been the author’s longstanding interests during his years as an Associated Press and newspaper reporter, and as the lay executive director of the Huxley Institute for Biosocial Research, a medical research foundation. But he says he owes his health and longevity to the teachings of the many health pioneers, from long-ago centuries to the present, who are featured in this book, In Pursuit of Health and Longevity: Wellness Pioneers through the Centuries.

For this book, Samra, an award-winning health and humor historian, researched and treaded into the history and teachings of all faith traditions, medical doctors, nurses, health professionals, counselors, agnostic philosophers, bodybuilders, professional athletes, dietitians, and nutritionists, and rediscovered their admonitions on health and longevity which have long since been forgotten or ignored. All of them were extraordinary men and women from numerous faith and philosophical traditions. This book is the first book to attempt to trace the history of health pioneers, both religious and secular, down through the centuries, and to introduce them to readers. It is indexed and designed to be a resource book for medical doctors, nurses, chaplains, pastors, counselors, nutritionists, physical therapists, body-builders, editors, comedians, and anyone wishing to live a healthier and longer life.

NOTE from the Editor: Johanna Egert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, created the most outstanding detailed index for this book, and we at Robert D. Reed Publishers are so thrilled to have discovered her! It really enhances the quality of an already wonderful book! ~ Cleone Reed

Here are some endorsements of Samra’s writings:

 "I'll take Cal Samra's new book as a sweet birthday gift since I'm 73 today. I know that a lot of my vigor comes from 45 years of regular yoga, aerobics, and weight lifting." ~ Humorist Patch Adams, M.D., Gesundheit Institute, Urbana, Illinois; author of House Calls: How we all can heal the world one visit at a time

"Cal Samra's book is like a documentary film in print. Inside this book is a treasure trove. ...if you are in the area of health and wellness, then this book is a must- read.” ~ Etta Dale Hornsteiner, Personal Trainer, Editor of LiveLiving Magazine

"Cal Samra's overall message is welcome. He challenges churches, asking if they 'have neglected Christendom's centuries-old commitment' to health and downplayed 'Jesus reputation as the Great Physician,' who spent many of his days on earth healing people and teaching them healthy lifestyles." ~ David Gibson, Catholic News Service

"Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter;
Whether you are a Shiite or Sunni, it doesn't matter;
Whether you are a Protestant or Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or unbeliever, it doesn't matter.
"WHAT MATTERS is living a healthy lifestyle filled with humor, optimism, and yes, faith, hope, and love, free from violence. While I believe in another life, NOW MATTERS! Read this book for a meaningful, healthier and longer NOW."
~ Father Harry J. Bury, Ph.D., Author of Maverick Priest: A Story of Life on the Edge


ISBN: 978-1-944297-30-5
e-Book ISBN: 978-1-944297-31-2
Soft cover, 6 x 9, 254 pages, $14.95
Kindle e-Book, $8.99
Health and Wellness Resource
Publication Date: 9/27/18
Gazelle, Europe
FOREIGN RIGHTS: Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency




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