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YOU AND ME KID: A Practical Guide for Meeting Your Teen with Faith, Hope, and Love by Nancy Washburn

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YOU AND ME KID: A Practical Guide for Meeting Your Teen with Faith, Hope, and Love by Nancy Washburn

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A Practical Guide for Meeting Your Teen
with Faith, Hope, and Love


“I remember the day I became a parent of a teenager. He was my child one day and the next he was telling me he wanted to meet a girl at the movie theater. All of a sudden he wanted a girlfriend; he was 13. A whole new territory of decisions and feelings opened up before us as a whole new set of emotions and decisions was presenting themselves to him! What to do?

You and Me Kid answers the practical side of this transition as well as a solid background of understanding of what is happening in the young person. The ‘3 Messages’ your child needs to receive from you to be emotionally healthy and to build a lasting, respectful bond between you and your child are clearly described in scenario and story.

“The ‘Three Messages’ are more than a 'text message' but clear ways of talking and interacting with your child that will empower you to know how to meet the task of providing your child with what they really need, your most heartfelt desire!”


  • Tips to save parents and teens a lot of pain!
  • Engaging stories with simple lessons for parenting your teen
  • Advice from an experienced Parent Educator and Child Development Professor
  • Ways to learn to foster your teen’s success in life and build a lasting parent-child bond
  • Ideas on how to help your teen grow up emotionally healthy
  • Simple messages that every teen needs to hear
  • New practical help for living your desire of being an effective parent for your teen.
  • Information that the average educated person does not know about teenagers.
  • Messages teens need, made easy for parents
  • Knowledge of what all teens are experiencing developmentally
  • When teens hear these messages they always say, “I wish my parents knew this.”
  • How to shift from conflict with your teen into responsiveness and enduring connection
  • Feel competent as a parent of a teenager.
  • Discover key information about adolescent development that the average parent does not know
  • Advice on how to navigate important and difficult conversations with your teen. 


“In her book, You and Me Kid, Nancy Washburn does a magnificent job of clearly defining the unique challenges of providing adolescents with the support, empathy, and guidance they desperately need to overcome their natural confusion and self-doubt. Drawing from her many years as a professor of child and family studies, parent educator, workshop leader, and from her personal experiences, Nancy sheds light on how to develop positive and nurturing support to teenagers. What a great book—a must-read for every parent and teacher who truly wants to make a difference in the life of their child or student! She has created a mosaic that clearly describes what really matters most in nurturing these young lives. Her Three Messages of Love, Faith, and Hope provide a roadmap of how to develop trust, acceptance, and affirmation in the hearts and minds of teenagers. Her stories and tremendous writing skills make this book a joy to read. It is a treasure and an invaluable resource for all parents and teachers. Bravo!”   ~ Ken LaVigne, Author of COACH THE SOUL

“As a marriage and family therapist with a focus on attachment, I appreciate this much-needed book that helps parents maintain a secure connection with their teen. With wise and kind counsel, she compassionately guides the parent in ways of being responsive to the specific developmental needs of a teen while at the same time being respectful of both the needs of the parent and the teen, with the goal of putting the relationship first. This kind of investment in the relationship, just when parents tend to pull back, insures a secure connection with their teen for many years ahead.” ~ Linda S. Flynn, MFT  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nancy Washburn, M.A., is a Professor and Vice-Chair of Child and Family Studies at LA City College.

For the past twenty years, Nancy Washburn has taught Child Development classes to thousands of young adults across the greater Los Angeles area. Her goal as a professor has been to inspire new teachers and parents to go forward, and use their knowledge to help children and families to be the best together, and for society. Prior to teaching college Ms. Washburn was a Parent Educator for 16 years with families of children from birth through adolescence.  Ms. Washburn has taught a variety of workshops on Parenting, Conflict Resolution, and Guidance.  One of her favorite jobs has been raising three children of her own into productive human beings.

Throughout her career she has been spurred on by her own confusion and lack of confidence as an adolescent and the desire to help young people and their parents have a smoother ride. In writing this book she enlightens parents and gives them the knowledge and messages they need to have a positive relationship with their children and help them to be secure within themselves and in the world.

YOU AND ME KID by Nancy Washburn, © 2019


ISBN: 978-1-944297-40-4, 168 pages, $14.95 ($12.95 on this website)

eBook: 978-1-944297-41-1, $8.99



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