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A Kid’s Herb Book

Robert Reed Publishers

A Kid’s Herb Book for children of all ages by Lesley Tierra

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Please note the publisher is out of this book, and that is why the price here is outrageous. Please go to Lesley Tierra's website to buy her book!

A FIVE-STAR BOOK on Amazon and on Good Reads.
It just doesn't get better than this!! (See blog post!)


More Americans are taking responsibility for their own health by exercising more and eating healthier, and they are encouraging children to do the same. They want the latest information on health, nutrition, and herbs. They are turning to more natural healing techniques to improve their health and vitality, prevent disease, boost immunity, improve mental functioning, and increase their energy levels so that they can keep up with their increasingly hectic lives and careers. There is also great interest in organic foods and gardening and support for sustainable agriculture. Many Americans want to reduce toxic chemicals (pollution), and there is a concern for the health of the environment.
Respected herbalist, educator, and author Lesley Tierra, L.Ac. (a California State and nationally licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, with a private clinical practice in Santa Cruz, California) is a founding and professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, and a contributing writer and Dean of the East-West Herb School. In her timely, informative, and delightful new workbook, A Kid’s Herb Book, she shares healing wisdom with children and their parents. This unique and clever book is a creative blend of practical information, projects, activities, preparations, color-in artwork, stories, lore, interesting herbal tidbits, and original songs about herbs by Michael Tierra (Lesley’s husband, respected herbalist, acupuncturist, and best-selling author).
The book describes seventeen commonly used herbs that are especially good for children’s ailments. It includes information on the use of plants, herbal gardens, medicinal use of flowers, herbal medicines found in kitchens, first aid kits, plant ecology, and herbal tea parties. Children and their parents learn the basics of herbs and how to safely treat children’s illnesses through the proper use of natural herbal remedies. The herbs described comprise a common set of household herbal remedies. Many are easily obtained and readily available; many are grown in most gardens, backyards, vacant fields, and even in cities.
The delightful and beautiful illustrations throughout the book are by Susie Wilson (who has also illustrated an upcoming educational CD Rom for National Geographic).

Roy Upton (herbalist, Vice President of the American Herbalist Guild, and Director of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia) writes, “A Kid’s Herb Book introduces children to the wonderful world of herbs. Herbs have remained the primary source of medicines for everyday children’s complaints since time immemorial. This book brings us one step closer to rekindling our home healing traditions.”

Quinn Baker, age 15, says, “Your book has changed the way that I think about plants and herbs. It really inspires me to go out to the garden and try some of your ideas – and to sing some of your merry songs, too!”

Rosemary Gladstar (author of Herbal Healing for Woman and other books on herbs) writes, “From the moment I opened Lesley Tierra’s A Kid’s Herb Book, I was totally and completely captivated. She has done a brilliant job of creating an informative, fun, and joyful herb book for kids of all ages. This is a treasure for your children, your grandchildren, and yourself!”

A Kid’s Herb Book makes learning about herbs and plants fun and educational for children. They follow the friendly elf, Mr. Greenleaf, through the plant “kin-dom.” They learn various uses of plants and they learn to appreciate vital things that plants provide, such as oxygen, food, soap, wood, teas, and medicines. They will discover the differences between herbs, weeds, and spices. They learn to make products from herbs, such as natural toothbrushes and homemade cough medicine. They learn about the healing properties of specific herbs. And they learn enchanting stories that can be read aloud and that awaken the imagination.
 A Kid’s Herb Book includes delicious recipes for such culinary delights as “Basil Pesto” and “Rose Petal Jam.” Children and their parents are encouraged to grow their own herb gardens. Simple instructions are provided for outdoor gardens (when space is available) to smaller gardens (using a window box, a basket, or even a flowerpot!). To go completely natural, readers can learn to make and use compost as well.

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