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THE TEACHING MIRROR: Lessons Learned as a First-Year Teacher by Victor Z. Stanhope

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THE TEACHING MIRROR: Lessons Learned as a First-Year Teacher by Victor Z. Stanhope

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by Victor Z. Stanhope

An Introspective and Honest Analysis
of a Teacher’s First Year’s Experiences

One of every ten first-year teachers leave the profession after that frightful first year – and author Victor Z. Stanhope knows whyDespite the expansive list of books and resources geared towards helping first-year teachers, none of them illuminate the realities of the first-year teaching experience. THE TEACHING MIRROR: LESSONS LEARNED AS A FIRST-YEAR TEACHER is the first book to explore a first-year teacher’s experience through analyzing journal entries written before and throughout the school year. This book synthesizes the author’s journal entries and experience into lessons for first-year teachers to help them better cope with their upcoming or current life as a new teacher.

This book is very helpful for new teachers in that it:

  • Provides incoming first-year teachers with an honest and practical perspective of the experience.
  • Connects with and addresses first-year teachers’ emotions and worries.
  • Offers applied tips and exemplifies their effectiveness.
  • Illustrates the author’s failures, remedies, successes, and learned lessons.
"In THE TEACHING MIRROR, Victor Z. Stanhope gives a genuine look inside the heart, mind, and experiences of a first-year teacher. That first year for any educator is always the most challenging, filled with excitement mixed with anxiety, hope, and fear. Victor's account is authentic and valuable. We teachers do not just teach history, math, or science. We teach kids who need to be led, nurtured, challenged, and empowered. We have to balance those things with course requirements, class management, and our own time in preparing meaningful lessons that will change lives. This book shares the authentic account of that first year in a meaningful and practical way. I recommend it for all new teachers.


“In Victor’s generous book, THE TEACHING MIRROR, he has shared his ‘failures’ and successes, citing each as valuable since ‘teaching in itself is a learning experience.’ He favors teaching skill over content, clearly stating and restating your expectations, and creating a ‘class culture’ where thoughtfulness abides. He stresses making lessons authentic, meaningful, and most importantly, relevant. He describes his ‘mini-emotional collapse’ treated by meditation and journaling when therapy was unavailable. I enjoyed reading every page of this book and recommend it to every teacher, not only first-year teachers, as there are nuggets of wisdom for everyone experiencing successes and failures on the bumpy road to becoming a great teacher, a master teacher.” 
~ Judy Woods-Knight, author of Teaching School is a Scream! Confessions of a Career Substitute

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Victor Z. Stanhope is now a third-year social studies teacher at his current school district. He is now a leader teacher at his district, working with administration to develop school goals, leading teacher-research teams, and still striving to give his students nothing short of his best. Victor will continue his work to enhance his teaching, and is currently working with local universities to provide professional development for teachers to improve in-class discussions. In his spare time, Victor enjoys reading great books, listening to and making music, and spending quality time with loved ones.

For legal and protective reasons, this book was published under a pseudonym.


ISBN: 978-1-944297-50-3, $14.95

eBook: 978-1-944297-51-0, available on Amazon Kindle, $8.99

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