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The Legend of Baeoh:  How Baeoh Got His Stripes by Lucas Taekwon Lee

Robert Reed Publishers

The Legend of Baeoh: How Baeoh Got His Stripes by Lucas Taekwon Lee

$ 17.95

Lucas Taekwon Lee

Baeoh was born with no stripes in a jungle where the 3-Stripe-Tigers ruled. His tribe believed it was their destiny to be peasants because they were born with no stripes. One day, his mother told him the Legend of the Flying Tiger. This story inspired Baeoh and he decided to leave his tribe in search of truth. He believed he could achieve more than what his destiny allowed. Soon, he met Jahngsoo, an old tiger who also had no stripes. Together, they journeyed through the jungle and learned how courage, perseverance, discipline, and leadership can change anyone’s destiny. How many stripes can you earn? What is your destiny?

 BAEOH teaches children that destiny is something that you create; it is not something you are born into.

This book teaches the importance of courage, perseverance, and leadership regardless of your color, class, or community.

It is designed to initiate conversations about how children can apply their own will power to achieve their dreams.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Lucas Taekwon Lee is a Taekwondo World Champ and instructor, currently is training for 5th degree black belt. Lucas has starred in numerous short films and plays and 5 national commercials including Taco Bell and Ford. His father, the Eternal Grand Master, Haeng Ung Lee founded the American Taekwondo Association in 1969. 




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