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Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness by Vicki Berkus, M.D., Ph.D.

Robert Reed Publishers

Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness by Vicki Berkus, M.D., Ph.D.

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Accept the Challenge to Change!

Physical wellness alone is simply not enough.

"A sensitive, witty, and highly respected psychiatrist, Vicki Berkus, M.D., Ph.D., CEDS has crafted a pointed and relevant book about mental fitness — and how to get it!  Unlike so many books on mental health, Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness address the 'practical stuff,' the nuts and bolts efforts of which people need to be mindful to assure mental wellness.
    "As if she and the reader were having a private conversation, Dr. Berkus reminds us to think hard about our priorities, our dreams, our feelings, and our relationships.  And not to waste a moment in the process!  She offers us exercises that are both fun and challenging and fresh questions to ask ourselves and significant others to illuminate a bright path to mental fitness.
    "With humor, plain talk, practical wisdom, and many examples from her years of practice, Dr. Berkus assures us that we in fact can become mentally fit and add richness andyears to our lives."

— Roy Erlickman, Ph.D., CEDS, Past President of IAEDP (The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals)

Vicki Berkus, M.D., Ph.D., CEDS is a member of the Monarch Health Sciences Medical Board and consults with coaches in addressing various psychological aspects of healthy eating. Dr Berkus completed a psychiatry residency at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine.  She is board-certified in Psychiatry and Neurology. She headed an inpatient eating disorders program for eight years and is currently in private practice in Tucson, Arizona.



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