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“The most difficult thing about
being misdiagnosed with a mental illness
is the more you fight it, the crazier you seem.”

At the age of twenty-three, Kate Recore began to suffer from a common brain disease. Although signs pointed directly at epilepsy, her neurologists misdiagnosed her with mental illness. For almost a year, Kate struggled against her worsening mind-altering seizures without any medical help. She lost her memory of the past, and her dreams for the future.

After finally being tested and properly diagnosed, her journey through epilepsy began. Many years of failed drug therapies stretched before her. She battled against doctors who refused to consider the importance of their patient's quality of life, never changing course to help her manage her disease.

Finally finding a true caregiver, Kate became well again. With a new drug and a new place to call home, she learned to let go of who she was, and love who she is.

Misdiagnoses affects over twelve million people in the United State every year, and are considered the country's third leading cause of death. While told against the backdrop of one patient's life, BRAIN STORM: AN ELECTRIFYING JOURNEY resonates with anyone fighting the overpriced, inadequate American healthcare system. By fearlessly adding her voice to the demand for better care, Kate Recore hopes to blaze a trail for all patients calling for help, and needing to be heard.

 “It seems inappropriate to call an autobiographical account of epilepsy and medical malfunction a page turner but, in fact, that is what BRAIN STORM is—a story that keeps you turning the pages. Kate Recore educates us on the reality of health insurance, doctoring, diagnosis, functional brain damage, epilepsy, and familial influence without losing the thread of her plot, a plot created from lived experience. You will read because it is interesting. You will learn because it is unavoidable. You will be inspired because you will be awakened. Don’t miss this one.”
~ Dr. Lynette Louise (The Brain Broad – award-winning neurotherapist, humanitarian, director, speaker, writer, brain-change expert, author of MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real-Life Guide to Autism 


Howard Allen  5.0 out of 5 stars A Hero in Our Flawed Medical System March 20, 2019
Katie was a heroic writer even before she was a medical hero and an inspiration to us all. It's so good when good people do good. Of course I bought it.

Julie 5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing page turner about the human spirit and resilience  March 20, 2019
This book was absolutely amazing. I couldn't stop reading it. It was truly a page turner, and I also learned so much about epilepsy and how the brain works. So fascinating. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn about how our brains work or just looking for a great read. Amazing amazing story of resilience.

Brain Storm – An Electrifying Journey By Kate Recore – A Book Review

by Richard R. Blake

Informative, Inspirational, Moving and Challenging

"Kate Recore introduces the reader to her world – an unknown stormy journey of night seizures, stress, anxiety, physicians, specialists, and diagnosis errors. Hers is a story of “new norms,” setbacks, and forward leaps.

"Kate’s writing is superb – every detail adds to the suspense, empathy, and the experience of vicariously living through the nightmares, seizures, memory lapses, and another misdiagnosis.

"Brain Storm – An Electrifying Journey is heartwarming, inspirational, and informative, calling for involvement in a crusade bringing to the fore the myths of Epilepsy: encouraging others to tell of their struggles with the disease, and to spread awareness and understanding of the “Brian Storm” of Epilepsy.

"Personal experiences, family challenges, and an eighteen-year journey with my wife’s Alzheimer’s disease help me to identify with Kate’s struggles and victories. I can emphasize with the victims of epilepsy, their families, and friends. I can highly recommend Kate Recore’s book Brain Storm.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kate Recore writes, edits, and teaches. She is an award-winning public speaker and enjoys helping others find their voices. For over twenty years, she has worked to dispel the myths surrounding epilepsy and to encourage others with the disease to share their stories and struggles. She lives in San Diego with her husband Brian and their son Jake.


by Kate Recore
ISBN: 978-1-944297-46-6, $14.95
(Publisher's Introductory Price: $12.95)
eBook: 978-1-944297-47-3, $8.99 available on Amazon

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