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Ten Commitments To Be Forever Fit by Machiel N. Kennedy

Robert Reed Publishers

Ten Commitments To Be Forever Fit by Machiel N. Kennedy

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Empower Yourself from the Inside Out

Ten Commitments To Be Forever Fit takes a holistic approach to weight loss and health that begins by focusing on the inner you. Dr. Kennedy invites you to see yourself as a whole person – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and to make an inner commitment to health and well being. Take charge of your life: set reasonable goals, stay motivated, be accountable for your actions, eat healthy foods in moderation, get plenty of physical activity and exercise, avoid junk food, attend to your spiritual growth, get enough sleep, breathe deeply, relax, have fun, and stay true to your goal to be forever fit.

Although the basic concepts in Ten Commitments To Be Forever Fit may be similar to those offered by other weight-loss experts, Dr. Kennedy’s message is significant in that he does not simply recommend going on a diet. This is not a quick weight-loss scheme, but rather a sensible, realistic life-long plan for well being. Using this book as a guide, Dr. Kennedy offers you the opportunity to change every area of your life.

“I always ask my patients over 90 years of age what their secret is.  This book presents the exact advice that my elderly patients live by.”
- Steven E. Warren, M.D., D.P.A.


Machiel N. Kennedy, M.D
. is a licensed medical doctor who specializes in family practice and bariatric medicine (weight loss). He has more than 27 years of experience in private practice, wellness programs, weight management, preventive medicine, medical motivation, and patient education. Dr. Kennedy is the Chief Medical Officer for Monarch Health Science, Inc., a health care company that he co-founded. Dr. Kennedy speaks for different companies and conducts seminars on weight loss and healthy lifestyles.


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