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Ten Commitments for Men by Tom Massey

Robert Reed Publishers

Ten Commitments for Men by Tom Massey

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Unfortunately, manhood does not come with an owner’s manual. Often we have to make it up as we go. Ten Commitments for Men offers a road map to navigate the journey. You will gain practical insights for developing a balanced, purpose-driven life based on what you value most and what you really want. Discover the power of your word to create personal credibility and success. Explore your passions and develop the courage to take risks. Build quality relationships by making others feel important. Improve your health and learn the value of self-discipline in establishing habits that improve your quality of life. Let go of regrets and become fully engaged in the present. Enhance your productivity and creativity by engaging in fun and laughter. Be a difference-maker who leaves the world a better place. These are challenging times and men must respond to the call.


Tom Massey is a corporate leadership trainer and coach with over 20 years of experience in optimizing individual and organizational performance. In addition to Ten Commitments for Men, Tom is also the author of: The ABC’s of Total Health: Practical Tips for Abundant Living, The ABC’s of Successful Living: How to Get What You Really Want, The ABC’s of Effective Leadership: Managing from the Heart, and Ten Commitments for Building High Performance Teams


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