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How Successful Families Are Using Philanthropy to Prepare Their Heirs for Post-Transition Responsibilities

by Roy Williams and Vic Preisser

This first-of-a-kind book by Roy Williams and Vic Preisser reveals the hidden power of philanthropy to prepare your heirs for wealth and responsibility. After interviewing 3,250 affluent families, and examining almost 100 family foundations, the authors disclose how successful families are using philanthropy to teach their heirs Values, develop their appreciation for focus on a specific Mission, and instill a sense of Accountability. In many cases, the use of philanthropy as a teaching tool by family leaders determined whether or not the family remained unified—and financially successful—in their post-transition period. As in their prior groundbreaking book Preparing Heirs © 2003, the authors provide exercises, examples, and checklists for each of five major age groups, beginning at age five. The book is easy to read and filled with specific guidance. Viewing philanthropy as a tool to improve your odds of post-transition success adds a new benefit to the traditional rationale behind family foundations and family giving programs.


“Right on target! This book proves that philanthropy is an incredible teaching tool for your family once you know how to apply its power.”
- Bill Lane, Founder of Sunset Magazine
Ambassador, Bill and Jean Lane Fund

“…an outstanding tool to put into the hands of every family with sufficient wealth to engage in philanthropy…very practical.”
 - Jim Miscoll, Vice Chairman (ret.) Bank of America

“This book is a great tool for preparing the third generation and as a refresher for those of us who started with Preparing Heirs.
- Jim and Becky Morgan, Morgan Family Foundation

“This should be the handbook for all philanthropic advisors throughout the country.”
- Don Hartmann, Director of International
Association of Advisors in Philanthropy

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Roy Williams has invested 40 years in helping successful families with their post-transition planning. Skilled in guiding entire families (including heirs, spouses, and children), his findings have proved to be an important complement to traditional pre-transition estate planning. His earlier books (Preparing Your Family to Manage Wealth and For Love and Money) are widely used by estate planners, trust officers, lawyers, and accountants. As a professional athlete, university trustee, leading researcher, and an accomplished grandfather, Roy is the acknowledged dean of family coaching. A University of the Pacific graduate and Hall of Famer, he personally works with each family that seeks guidance from The Williams Group.

Vic Preisser brings 40 years of experience in business, government and education to his partnership with Roy. A successful senior executive for Fortune 500 companies, he has also served at the State Cabinet level in positions with Transportation, Social Services, and at The White House. Formerly the Resident Professor of Management, and Director of the Family Business Institute for the University of the Pacific, he is a successful entrepreneur who focuses, within The Williams Group, on mentoring “individuals of promise.” He is the co-author of Preparing Heirs. Vic’s Stanford MBA helps him communicate with business-oriented affluent clients and their heirs.



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