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Mitten Memes Mania! Bernie Innocently STEALS the SHOW at the 2021 Inauguration Just Trying to Keep Warm

Robert D Reed Publishers

Mitten Memes Mania! Bernie Innocently STEALS the SHOW at the 2021 Inauguration Just Trying to Keep Warm

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Mitten Memes Mania!

Bernie Innocently STEALS the SHOW
at the 2021 Inauguration
Just Trying to Keep Warm

Cleone Lyvonne Reed

Brendan Smialowski, a decorated photographer of Agence France-Press, posted on the Internet a photo that he took of Senator Bernie Sanders sitting on a black folding chair at the 2021 Inauguration, bundled in a warm jacket and wearing wool knit mittens. The mittens were gifted to him by a second-grade teacher from Vermont; she made them from re-purposed wool sweaters and lined them with recycled plastic bottles.

From coast to coast, north to south, and around the world, people have jumped on this craze and created and posted thousands of memes with Bernie and his famous mittens. Author Cleone Lyvonne Reed collected and created well over twelve hundred memes from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and perused numerous articles that have been written about Bernie and his famous mittens. Because of the large number of memes, Reed created collages for this 312-page paperback book in FULL COLOR … plus she created many of her own, of which 120 of which are included in this book.

The “mittens phenomenon” has resulted in an enormous amount of creativity. Countless people have made artistic renditions of him and his mittens — crocheted dolls, paintings, t-shirts, jewelry, tattoos, 3-D computerized sculptures, needlepoint, etc. — and many people are making money on this popular, what Ishe calls, a distraction! Bernie himself had sweatshirts made with his image on the front, sold them, and gave the revenue to charity. After a period of unrest, it is delightful to have such a FUN movement that has spread from coast to coast and even overseas.

This book includes an article by By Aparajita Saxena, YourStory Senior Associate Editor / 21st Jan 2021 (Reprinted in its entirety with permission from Aparajita Saxena) How Bernie Sanders (and his mittens) stole the show at the US Presidential inauguration 


Cleone Lyvonne Reed, MSE, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Education/Community Counseling, all from the University of Wisconsin. After a career in social work and counseling in Wisconsin, Alabama, Illinois, and Indiana, she moved from her home state of Wisconsin to Seattle in 1996. After four and a half years there, she moved in 2001 to the picturesque coastal town of Bandon, Oregon, two hours north of the California border.

Her love of writing and photography meshed with her husband’s business of publishing books. She met Bob while dressed in clown in 2003.  With COVID-19 in 2020, stuck at home, Cleone and Bob have been publishing more books. Many of these include photography, a passion that only grows.

Cleone has been a professional clown for almost twenty-seven years, has had 500 hours of training, and has taught workshops. To date, 272 people have been clowns in response to her work, not counting the ripples from her clowns who have taught other people clowning. Her book, The Sacred Art of Clowning … and Life! tells her philosophy and story about being a caring clown. It is available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback as well as on Bob and Cleone’s website,

Living in Oregon with all family hundreds of miles away in California, Oregon, and Florida, Cleone and Bob have many friends they call their “family by choice” and live a very rich life. Their motto is to have a love of life and a life of love. They live in a constant state of gratitude.

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