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MIRACLE CURES and BETTER HEALTH:  Beyond the Teachings of Hulda Clark  by Richard Wachter

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MIRACLE CURES and BETTER HEALTH: Beyond the Teachings of Hulda Clark by Richard Wachter

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Because of a near-death experience in 2001and a “miracle cure” after using protocols in Hulda Clark’s books, author Richard Wachter started helping thousands of other people and wrote this book to spread the knowledge he has gained in Alternative Health Care, Naturopathy, Parasitology, and Bacteriology.

Wachter helped people to overcome cancer, diabetes, AIDS, arthritis—almost any disease you can think of. He used naturopathic protocols of Hulda Clark, did extensive research on new discoveries on the internet, and subscribed to many periodicals and journals. He incorporated traditional medicine from the Maori Polynesian pharmacopeia and massage and worked with several Taunga (local Maori practitioners who passed traditional techniques down through their families from mother to daughter). As an expert Zincrometer tester, people sent him saliva samples from all over the world. He tested the saliva on Zincrometer for pathogens and then wrote and sent a report to patients advising what they had and how to get rid of it. Most of his patients he had never seen in person.

Quoting Wachter in his introduction: “Lifestyle diseases are not only what are killing us but also diminishing the quality of our lives. MDs cannot diagnose or treat lifestyle diseases. Instead, they give drugs to alleviate symptoms and do not bother to discover the cause of the illness. Millions of over-drugged zombies are bumping into each other—alive, but not well—wherever the drug pushers are in control. These people are not productive and are pulling everyone else down, along with world economies. We cannot afford to carry on like this. We must find the cause of an illness and remove it. Masking the symptoms with drugs to alleviate instead of cure shortens life and interferes with the enjoyment of life.

“A prime example is streptococcus pneumonia. Because of the overuse of antibiotics, resistant strains of pneumonia have evolved that cannot be killed by antibiotics. Today the leading cause of death for people over 60 is pneumonia. If a person with pneumonia sees an MD for the problem, the MD will have nothing to give the patient that works. The overuse of antibiotics has caused strains of streptococcus bacteria to evolve that antibiotics cannot kill. Because pneumonia is a component of cancer, MDs cannot cure cancer effectively, either. Cancer cannot be stopped without killing strep pneumonia first. The medical profession is rapidly deteriorating with only drugs and radiation as tools. Governments are also influenced negatively in this scenario because big pharm has successfully lobbied governments worldwide to accept only their opinions instead of traditional medicine, or new discoveries. Insurance against illness for the most part covers only what a medical doctor or certified hospital deems to be good for the patient. The second leading cause of death worldwide is medical malpractice.”


In 2001, Dr. Fariu told Richard Wachter that he would die that night as his platelet count had dropped to dangerous levels, he had no idea what was wrong with him, and he had nothing to help him avoid death. Sychronistically, that day a box arrived in the mail from his brother with a book by Hulda Clark in it, The Cure for All Diseases, plus an early biowave frequency generator. The author went to the beach, sat in the sand with the generator running, and thought about death. Suddenly he realized he was feeling better, drove home while continually zapping away, and woke up the next morning feeling better than he had in months. He went to the doctor the next day, and after lab reports, the doctor said, “You have had a miracle.”  With the “little black box,” Wachter cured himself of arthritis that had plagued him for many years and the leukemia that caused it. His success was so apparent to everyone who knew him that he was besieged with requests to help others. Better Health Research Centre was created, and to date, he has helped over two thousand people cure all sorts of diseases. This success created his urge to share his findings with a wide audience, hence the birthing of this book, Miracle Cures and Better Health: Beyond the Teachings of Hulda Clark.

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