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January 3rd½  by Debora S. Davis

Robert Reed Publishers

January 3rd½ by Debora S. Davis

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January 3rd½ explores universal fantasies and asks the reader to imagine a day free from social responsibility, morals, and laws. What would you do if you had the chance to experience a day that doesn't exist — a "free day" in which you could do anything you choose with no consequences? Would you take revenge? Express yourself in some way without restraint? Live your wildest dream? Make real your darkest fantasies? Tempt death?

Five people receive the chance to do just that when they find a mysterious invitation under their Christmas tree in the form of a silver ticket embossed with the words: "Free Day - January 3rd½."

All of the characters in this compelling fantasy think they will benefit from their "free day," but the lesson of the story is really, "Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it!"

This fantastic story is designed to make us take a closer look at our hidden desires and the reality we choose to live. Magic and suspense drive the story to places beyond imagination and into an alternate reality.

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