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Gotta Minute? The abc's of TOTAL HEALTH: Practical Tips for Abundant Living by Tom Massey

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Gotta Minute? The abc's of TOTAL HEALTH: Practical Tips for Abundant Living by Tom Massey

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"The abc's of TOTAL HEALTH is a sweet stroll that serves up bounteous gladness, encouragement, and rightness. Take these words of divinity to heart, paired alphabetically, one word for each week of the year. Breathe in and liberally apply their soft, smooth, and empowering wisdom. You may soon discover a heightened, enlightened balance of body, mind, and spirit. You may discover a harmonizing flow, an energizing glow. Dazzling and soothing, introspective and simulating, Practical Tips for Abundant Living affirms the power that we all posses, and always have. Who could ask for anything more? Dr. Tom Massey's power book marries 'brain trust' with heart intelligence, gracefully aligned on a clean, green highway of optimal health, wellness, and well-being. Take this journey, drink in every atmospheric aroma. At the end of the year, feel free to start anew. Just don't go too fast. Feel free to really create, assimilate. And sometimes, just play." ~ Mary Grace McCord, Director of Communications, Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, AL

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Tom Massey, N.D., Ph.D., is a corporate consultant and trainer who has worked with diverse groups of people --from some of the world's greatest professional and amateur athletes to corporate executives. He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, peak performance coach, and personal fitness trainer. Dr. Massey earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health and Naturopathy and a Master's degree in Business Administration. As President of Pacesetters Consulting and Total Health Now, he conducts workshops in situational leadership, team building, cultural development, change and transition management, conflict resolution, personal growth, and stress management for organizations throughout the United States. 

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