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Foxing the Witch  by John Sellers

Robert Reed Publishers

Foxing the Witch by John Sellers

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A beautifully conceived and written story of magic, mythology, and fantasy.

Original elegant full color illustrations by an accomplished artist.

The text is an intriguing combination of old style prose and modern English. It is a pleasure to read and to enjoy the lavish art. There are many fascinating characters, including wizards, witches, fairies, dragons, and talking animals.

Woven within the story the author creates a magical puzzle to be solved by interpreting rhyming lines. Clever limericks enliven the text and set the mood for a magical adventure.

On Allhallows Eve a hungering witch and a poetical fox meet, seemingly by chance, below an old stone bridge. When the fox offers to foretell her future with a peculiar deck of cards, the luck of the witch takes a drastic turn. She is immediately plunged into a haunting quest peopled by an addicted dragon, an ardent fairy and a misogynous wizard. The witch named Mab, last of a line of witches of the same name, inhabits a world of larcenous hearts and ancient cruelties shadowed by colors of strange beauty. her quest begins and ends with an enigmatic song: The Dragon old, the Fairy cold, Count each ancient emblem. The Turtle jailed, the Lady veiled, A witch's hand to bind them. Fate, retribution and an invitation to breakfast all entwine at journey's end, under a misty rainbow of magical cards.

* Fine quality full color hard-cover edition
* Makes a wonderful book for the collector
* First in a series by the artist writer, John Sellers

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