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California Squisine: Healthy Food That's Fast, Fun and Squeezable for Kids by Malcolm Kushner

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California Squisine: Healthy Food That's Fast, Fun and Squeezable for Kids by Malcolm Kushner

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"With easy-to-follow instructions, California Squisine gives new meaning to a hands-on children's cookbook. Your kids will have a blast making these healthy recipes." ~ Jackie Plant, Food Editor,Parents magazine

100 Squeezable, No-Cook
Healthy Recipes
That Kids Will Eat

Want to make meals and snacks more nutritious?

And FUN?  Then you've come to the right cookbook!

California Squisine offers a uniqe tool in America's battle with poor eating habits — FUN.  It encourages children to eat well by consuming squeezable recipes.  It's really simple.  Kids have fun squeezing tasty, nutritious sauces, dips and dressings over fruits and vegetables.  Then they eat their creations.  No cooking is required!
Children can prepare the recipes themselves or with an adult.  It's a great way for the whole family to have fun spending time together, while developing a healthy attitude toward food.  "Many kids today think a balanced diet means a cookie in each hand," says Malcolm Kushner, the cookbook's author.  "I want them to have a fruit or vegetable in each hand."  While Squisine is not aimed specifically at weight loss, it is intended to encourage children to eat healthier foods, which will naturally produce weight loss.  "Squeezing a tasty sauce or dressing over fruits and vegetables makes it more likely that kids will eat them.  It's fun.  It gets them involved.  And it makes the fruits and vegetables taste good," says the author.
Each of the 100 squeezable recipes is:

* Nutritious 
* Pediatrician-approved 
* Kid-tested 
* Quick and easy to make 
* Fun to eat 
* Fun for the family 

And best of all no cooking is required!  In an age when obesity is epidemic, this is a simple formula for fun and health eating:  Squisine = squeeze + cuisine.  Even Einstein would agree.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Malcolm Kushner, “America's Favorite Humor Consultant,” is an internationally acclaimed expert on humor and communication. He is the author of The Light Touch: How to Use Humor For Business Success; Public Speaking For Dummies; and Vintage Humor For Wine Lovers. He is also the co-creator of the humor exhibit at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Kushner has been profiled in Time Magazine, USA Today, The New York Times and The Washington Post, and has appeared on CNN, C-SPAN, National Public Radio, CNBC, Voice of America, and The Larry King Show. The Wall Street Journal has called him “irrepressible.” Kushner has been a keynote speaker everywhere from The Smithsonian Institution to the Inc. 500 Conference. Malcolm Kushner is based in Sacramento, California. Visit his Web sites at: and

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