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Big Bad Bodie High Sierra Ghost Town by James Watson and Doug Brodie

Robert Reed Publishers

Big Bad Bodie High Sierra Ghost Town by James Watson and Doug Brodie

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This intriguing, historical tale explores life in old Bodie, California—the hardships, bad times, good times, and the people who made Bodie what it was.
"This is the best book out today on Bodie." — Park Rangers, Bodie State Park
Bodie, California, is the most well-preserved ghost town in the West. It is also a State Historic Park, located at an altitude of 8,369 feet (a mile-and-a-half up) and five miles from the California-Nevada border. The town reached a population of 10,000 in its heyday (from 1877 through 1882), and gold and silver production topped $100 million (based on today's prices). Bodie consists of 175 buildings kept in a "state of arrested decay" by the State, which means they will never be restored, but are prevented from further deterioration through a system of constant repair.
Similar to many “ghost towns" of the West, Bodie's history is filled with previously unexplained events, mysterious circumstances, puzzling episodes, unanswered questions, and enigmas. The co-authors have done their homework to resolve some of these "puzzles."
Big Bad Bodie (the first new book about Bodie in more than two decades) includes numerous illustrations and sixty photographs, some of which were taken by Jim Watson. This history of a notorious California ghost town will surely spark the interest of many readers.

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