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Avenging Storm

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Avenging Storm by Maurice Mayben

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Adult Action / Adventure Fiction

A wounded American soldier in Operation Desert Storm discovers ancient Chinese artifacts in the Iraqi desert that imply a potential cure for cancer, but learns he must return to Iraq, again on the verge of war, to find additional artifacts that complete the formula.  Unfortunately, ruthless mercenaries murder his uncle and corrupt government officials conspire to suppress the cure, even if thousands have to die.  Derek Storm must summon all of his cunning and martial skills to recover those artifacts and bring the culprits to the harsh justice of an . . . Avenging Storm

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Review of Avenging Storm by Richard R. Blake:

A Blend History, Legend, Scientific Research, and Fast-Paced Action
Derek Storm, stranded and wounded in the desert of Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, found refuge in a bomb crater. Amid the ruins he uncovered ancient Chinese artifacts which held the key to a Chinese healer’s cure for cancer.
Doctors Peter and Daniel Flynn, uncles of Storm, were on the verge of a breakthrough in their cancer research.  Corrupt government officials, decadent mercenaries, and an unscrupulous group of medical doctors driven by the lust for power and greed joined forces to suppress the cure.
Derek Storm’s Uncle Pete was murdered in an attempt to find the secret location of their research lab. At this point the action picks up momentum as Storm brings together a team of military and high tech experts to join him in obtaining and decoding the ancient tablets he discovered ten years earlier in Iraq. Storm draws on his own Kung Fun San Soo black belt skills in this race to recover the artifacts.
Mayben skillfully develops strong characters that drive his intensive plot, packed with action and sub plots, to move the story to a dramatic climatic closing.
Military enthusiasts, martial artists, and action adventure readers will all identify with Derek Storm and his cadre of friends. Mayben has blended events from history and legend with scientific events and research using  his own military experiences and martial arts training to create suspense, world wide intrigue, and danger in this fast paced techno thriller.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Maurice Mayben has served in the U.S. Army, National Guard Special Forces and USAF.  He has a degree in Finance, has flown F-4 Phantoms, is a Kung Fu black belt and retired airline Captain.  He and wife Marcia have four children and five grandchildren. They reside in Henderson, Nevada—when they aren’t traveling the country in their motor coach promoting Avenging Storm.

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