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Ten Commitments for Women by Susanne S. Blake

Robert Reed Publishers

Ten Commitments for Women by Susanne S. Blake

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Every woman globally… from every culture, religion, or geographical area… holds the same gifts of the feminine. We are vessels of creation, expressing life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We have the ability to birth children, ideas, and a higher way of life for the world.

Women today have been programmed to overemphasize their natural masculine traits and have allowed their feminine gifts to become dormant. We have forgotten the power that goes with the gifts of the feminine and have dishonored our nature. We live in a world where various societies do not look upon women as equal to men, and where many men—and even some women—do not honor and respect women.

It is vitally important that every woman makes the effort to bring forth their feminine side and the feminine qualities of God. We must learn to honor ourselves. Only then will we draw honor and respect to us. This does not mean that we will lose respect for men or our masculine traits, but rather that we bring balance to our lives and understand more fully the gifts of our creativity. We must open our hearts so that we literally become love, touching every person we encounter.  

Ten Commitments for Women will assist you in making a commitment to the power of the feminine and in opening to your creative self. These ten commitments will bring forth your authentic self and you will become significant in the world, feeling successful and whole. The activities suggested in each chapter will accelerate your growth and abilities. The chaos of the world can be replaced with peace when enough women make an effort. Our gifts and power can be used in amazing and wonderful ways for future generations if we will just DO IT!


Susanne S. Blake is also the author of When Spirit Speaks. She has also been featured in Woman by E.J. Phillips and Dream It: Do It by Sharon Cook and Graciela Sholander. Susanne is a dynamic presenter who touches lives in extraordinary ways. Her high risk-taking style evolves from her professional and personal experiences. Susanne “walks her talk.”  She has a BA and an MBA, and has presented seminars and retreats on change, visioning, and self-development for over thirty years. Susanne was honored by the Chamber of Commerce as the Citizen of the Year in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.


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