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Running Home: 35 Moving Meditations for Runners by Toby Estler

Robert Reed Publishers

Running Home: 35 Moving Meditations for Runners by Toby Estler

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Run home to your heart, to your dreams, and deeper into your spiritual life.

"... a reader's delight for non-runners and runners alike. This is a heartfelt book by a very wonderful writer—it will not only enrich and deepen your experience of exercise, it will also inspire your life!"  - Steve Chandler, Co-author of The Small Business Millionaire and 100 Ways to Create Wealth

“Toby Estler’s revealing and engaging personal stories illustrate that the outer journey of life is a mirror reflection of the even greater, inner journey of the Soul.  A captivating read, this book will inspire you to greater physical fitness and deeper spiritual growth.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant, Author, One Day My Soul Just Opened Up 

Each chapter in this book offers you opportunities for:

  • Discovering how to carry the inspiration and joy from your running (or your chosen sport) deeper into your personal and professional life.
  • Enhancing your running efficiency—getting more “miles to the gallon” and recovering quicker.
  • Finding creative solutions to challenges in any area of your life.
  • Establishing, nurturing, and deepening your relationship with the very best of who you are—as a runner and in your wider life.
  • Enjoying the peace and calm of your workouts throughout your entire day.
  • Experiencing deeper spiritual awareness, authenticity, and wholeness

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After traveling extensively in Europe, Asia, Australia, Southern Africa, and North America over the course of ten years, Toby Estler moved to the United States from his native England in 1994, amidst virulent rumors of an expulsion personally demanded by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  He does all that he can to perpetuate those rumors.



Since landing in the United States, he has grown up and become a husband, father, author, poet, seminar leader, and life coach.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and is a member of the Los Angeles Poets and Writers Collective.  He also makes a truly remarkable leek and potato soup. 



Blending well over a decade’s management and leadership experience in sales and marketing with the additional strengths and qualities developed through running (as well as some very particular skills learned at Her Majesty’s pleasure in Britain’s Wormwood Scrubs Prison), Estler now offers inspirational life coaching to individuals and groups in both personal and business settings.  



One of the millions of runners that head out each day in search of peace, meaning, and inspiration, he can currently be found running along the trails, roads and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. He lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with his wife Teresa and daughter Hayden.



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