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Amazing Grace: Heaven's Light by Marsha Barth

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Amazing Grace: Heaven's Light by Marsha Barth

$ 12.95

Amazing Grace: Heaven's Light

by Marsha Barth

Amazing Grace: Heaven's Light (also available on Amazon Kindle/click here) is an inspiring novel, fully illustrated, written so that your eyes may get a glimpse of the reality of heaven and all the joys that await us there. Full of mystery and intrigue, Amazing Grace: Heaven's Light will take you on a journey overflowing with suspense, reunions, jubilees, wonderment, and closure. Is heaven for real??? Is heaven more than a mystical place? Are angels truly real? We have all wondered what heaven will be like. How our perception of this life would change if we could realize that this temporal life is only for the preparation of an eternal one! Wonder if, we truly live again? Wonder if, heaven so surpasses what we had ever thought or dreamed about? Wonder if, heaven is not a dull and boring place where we live a hum-drum existence, as some may think, but it is the most exciting and invigorating life that we could have ever imagined? Wonder if, heaven is more than we ever hoped for: a place of complete rest, complete peace, and complete love; a place, where every sense that we experience today is taken to a new level; a place where we don't see the beauty, but we feel the beauty; where we don't hear the music, but we live the music; where we don't just enter the portals of heaven, but where heaven becomes our home. Amazing Grace: Heaven's Light is a novel revealing the reality of a God who loves you more than you could have ever imagined; a God to whom “you” matter more than life itself; that from the beginning of creation, you were His sole purpose, His sole goal, His sole reason for creating the universe. Yes, “you” do matter!

 As Julie wandered down the path, she continued to be mesmerized by the beauty surrounding her. It was a strange yet beautiful place. “Where am I?” Julie whispered to herself.

 As she gazed at the bright light in the far distance, which drew her evermore nearer, she could feel, more than see, the fulfillment of what she knew was her heart’s desire … She had felt this same presence of God, even then, bidding her to come to him ... Throughout all the many years of her struggles, failures and sorrows, he had become her hope and heart’s desire. Somehow she knew now, as she had known then, that He awaited her.

Julie closed her eyes once again as she approached the beautiful light. Everything in her midst began to intensify and surround her until she was totally engulfed by that same strong presence. As Julie opened her eyes, nothing could have prepared her for what she saw. Appearing before her stood….

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marsha (Marty) Barth is the author of The Shattering, The Shattering II, and Tony the Lonely Dandelion. For twenty years, she has been an inspirational speaker and an advocate speaking at state events, to college Criminology and Psychology students, at universities on domestic violence, child abuse, and child sexual abuse, to social service forums, and has been a guest for many radio podcasts and television interviews. She has worked at an addictions facility, presented at prisons, re-entry and recovery programs, and for motivational and inspirational groups across the country, and she has spoken regularly on Christian radio.

Born and raised in the Appalachians, Marsha is married to Michael Barth (a businessman and life-long musician—see Healing Waters Recordings). Marsha and Mike are parents of a son and a daughter and have ten grandchildren.

Find Marsha on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
Visit her at and invite her to your next event.

$12.95 paperback, 160 pages, 20 illustrations (sketched by author)
ISBN: 978-1-63821-500-4
ISBN: 978-1-63821-501-1

World Rights Available: Sylvia Literary Agency

For quantity discounts, contact the publisher directly by calling 541-347-9882.

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