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Angel on Call

Robert Reed Publishers

ANGEL ON CALL: Pathways to Love and Enlightenment by Helene Rothschild

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Enjoy a precious, invaluable, divine gift from Helene Rothschild, psychotherapist, spiritual teacher/healer, and channel.  Be inspired by her fascinating true story of how she became an “Angel on Call” and walks with the angelic beings in trust, faith, ease, and grace.  Experience the loving, channeled messages from Sananda (the Spirit of Jesus), Mother Mary, and the Arcturians.

Find out how to:
*   Experience the joy of enlightenment
*   Enhance your intuition     
*   Clear and protect yourself
*   Meet your angels
*   Safely channel your angelic guides
*   Fulfill your mission with ease and grace
*  “Ghost Bust” with love
*   And much more!


“The love element in Helene’s book makes it so special!  The information, like a ringing bell reverberating, awakens the knowing and becomes part of you.  I would like everyone to have the same transformational experience I did.” ~ Debra Findley, CPPF, Certified Geriatric Case Manager

“Helene is truly an angel, whose service has changed and continues to change lives.  In her latest book, Helene shares with us a beautiful and wondrous message—that we are all angels waiting to serve—and that we can be called at any moment, as long as we are open and listen.  Through her example, we are one step closer to spreading our wings.”   ~ Cynthia Warger, PhD

“I found Helene Rothschild’s book to be truly inspiring.  It contains stories and techniques that you will find highly motivating and helpful—daring you to live out your dreams too. I thoroughly recommend Angel on Call as an excellent guide to joyous living.”   ~ Joana McCutcheon, Healing Minister, Artist  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, MFT, born in Brooklyn, NY, has a Masters in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. The author of ALL YOU NEED IS HART, she travels, counsels, lectures, and teaches her unique therapeutic HART process wherever “her angels take her.”  Her mission is to help people “love themselves to peace,” which is the key to world peace.

CATEGORY: Spiritual / Metaphysical / Memoir / Self-Help

ISBN: 978-1-934759-44-8

167 pages, $14.95


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