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OPEN TO THE MOMENT:  25 Heartwarming Travel Stories

Robert D Reed Publishers

OPEN TO THE MOMENT: 25 Heartwarming Travel Stories

$ 11.95


 25 Heartwarming Travel Stories

by Joyce A. Harvey


What is it about traveling that encourages people to confide in a perfect stranger? How does one explain the serendipitous and synchronistic meetings that occur in faraway places? Are they just happenstance? What if they all involved the same "stranger"—one who strives to be open to the moment? What if we as strangers tried to be more cognizant of the needs of every person we encountered?

It took me a while to get to this point of complete surrender (and you will recognize the triggering event), but once I did, the most extraordinary experiences began happening. And because “What goes around comes around,” sometimes we are the recipient of someone’s love and generosity.

OPEN TO THE MOMENT is a collection of my experiences as I make my way through travel and life. If, after reading the book you, too, are inspired to be more present to your surroundings and the people you encounter, my only advice is to buckle your seatbelt because you are going on the ride of your life.

Before you begin your journey, I’d like to suggest you read the stories in order. Even though each story is a complete entity, to avoid repetition, I have not expanded on subjects or people who were described in a previous story.

With that, I invite you to sit back, reach for that seatbelt and happy traveling.

~ Joyce A. Harvey


Joyce A. Harvey is an inspirational speaker and writer. She is also the author of Swan Lessons: A Bereaved Mother’s Story of Courage and Discovery, How Do You Grow a New Heart? and I’m Fine … I’m With the Angels, an illustrated children’s book on dying and life after death. She is a contributing author for Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul, Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul and Chicken Soup for Recovering Soul: Daily Inspirations.

Ms. Harvey is active in the national and local bereavement community. She has spoken at a number of grief conferences, including The Compassionate Friends, Alive Alone and The International Conference on Bereavement. She has also spoken on numerous inspirational topics for various organizations and events.

Joyce was selected as an “Outstanding Young Woman of America” for her professional achievements and her contribution to the community. She has a background in nursing and taught critical care nursing courses to RNs.

Joyce can be reached at:
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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63821-499-1, 112 pages, 5 x 8, $11.95

eBook ISBN: 978-1-63821-485-4, $6.99

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