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Oh, the Places Your EGO Will Go! And Other Stories... by Scott Grace

Robert D Reed Publishers

Oh, the Places Your EGO Will Go! And Other Stories... by Scott Grace

$ 9.95

Oh, the Places Your EGO Will Go!

And Other Stories...
by Scott Grace

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In this here book says my logical mind
This should be the time when I simply don't rhyme
I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m doing my best
And as you can see I’m not having success
"But this is the intro," says my critical critic
"Time to be grown up and more analytic"
"Piss off," says the Seussian part of my brain
No need to deter from the rhyming refrain
Let this be a joy from beginning to end
We might not make millions but we’ll surely make friends
And you, my dear reader, you’re already endowed
With the rhythm inside so just read this out loud
And if anyone grimaces, bitches, or moans
Just say, "Hey, all is well I am on my cell phone!"
And if they say, “Please, take your words somewhere else,"
Read these rhymes by your wacky and whimsical Self
Think of this book when your heart wants to send
A gift to religious or atheist friends
We studied each page through a microscope's lens
And found that it’s all dogma-free till the end
Let it rest in the restroom or maybe your bed
May it open your heart as it tickles your head
And now take a breath and get ready to feast
On dessert that is healthy and leads you to peace


"It's a rare and wonderful event when a talented artist can take lofty spiritual concepts and package them in a lighthearted and entertaining way. Scott Grace achieves all that and more in his enticing collection, Oh, the Places Your Ego Will Go!  If you feel overwhelmed with spiritual dogmas, rituals, or obligations, these clever verses will tickle your soul and elevate you to a most welcome freedom. Major kudos to Scott for mobilizing his unique divinely-inspired gifts to deliver much-needed upliftment to many readers and listeners. Enjoy, learn, and grow big time!" ~ Alan Cohen, bestselling author of  A Course in Miracles Made Easy

 “When I was a kid, Dr. Seuss was a favorite of mine. I have a fond memory of writing Dr. Seuss and telling him how much I liked his books and receiving a card back in the mail. Reading Oh, the Places Your Ego Will Go! I experience the same magic; Scott Grace re-awakens the child in us while profoundly offering an array of all that our soul hungers for during our current times.” ~Dr. Lee Jampolsky, New York Times best-selling author.

 "I have long appreciated Scott Grace’s eye and ear for the parody, for using familiar forms in an unfamiliar way to make us laugh and make us think. He found his calling, and now I think he found his form – as the ‘spiritual Doctor Seuss’ – to use that good doctor’s lyrical style to tickle the child within us and implant deep wisdom." ~ Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda, cosmic comic and serious author of Spontaneous Evolution with Bruce Lipton

 "Scott Grace is wildly funny, fiercely intelligent, and brilliant at conveying the deep secrets of happiness…in rhyme!" ~ Marci Shimoff, NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason

 “A joy from beginning to end!”~ Lee Glickstein, author, Be Heard Now! End Your Fear of Public Speaking Forever

 "Sing a song of human quirks
Out of which our troubles lurk
Add humor, rhyme, and insights rich
Scott’s book has created its own niche"

~ David Feinstein, Ph.D. Co-author, with Donna Eden, of The Energies of Love

“Let your heart be touched, tickled, and opened to love by Scott’s Spiritual Dr. Seuss. A wonderful book!”  ~ Joyce Vissell, RN, MS, and Barry Vissell, MD, authors and teachers (

 "Scott Grace is a rare talent. I've long been a fan of his heart and his ability to write for our hearts. He truly is a messenger of good. I highly recommend treating yourself to his wonderful new book, Oh, the Places Your Ego Will Go! Like his past works, it's smart, funny, timely, and profound." ~ Glenn Berkenkamp, author of Mastery: Living The Highest You

 "Scott was always a brilliant, spontaneous, endlessly creative troublemaker while growing up. Now people pay him for it. Go figure!" ~ Scott's Mom

About the Author

WARNING: Scott Grace, who has been described as a cross between John Denver, Robin Williams, and Dr. Seuss, is wanted by the authorities for creating peace, as well as for defying the law of gravity with levity.

Contact with Scott is likely to be hazardous to your misery, as he has provoked outbreaks of joy in four out of five laboratory humans.

It is alleged that Scott’s work has so threatened to cut into the sales of anti-depressants that pharmaceutical companies have offered him millions to retire. 

Scott gives keynotes using a stolen identity, a.k.a. the Spiritual Dr. Seuss. His feel-good viruses on YouTube have infected over 2.5 million people with just four of his Seussian videos.

Scott has been known to practice life coaching without a license, eluding the police by working over the phone, Zoom, or FaceTime. He fancies himself an intuitive and smuggles wisdom and guidance over the border from beings he calls spirit guides, who are also not licensed, and who have allegedly not filed a tax return in several lifetimes.

As a front, Scott does do various legal, above-the-board activities. This is his third book.

Scott also has recorded nine CDs and a DVD of his original music and comedy. He presents as a guest speaker and singer at churches, non-profits, schools, and corporate events.

As an occasional stand-up comedian in the Bay Area, he has shared the stage with Dana Carvey and Robin Williams. 

But don’t be fooled. His rampage of Song Portraits, custom-made personalized song-gifts that honor people for their birthdays, anniversaries, or for no reason at all, have been killing people softly with their song since 1987.

Authorities would very much like your help in apprehending Scott. Try catching him on the web at, or on YouTube at:

This, a book of poetry, is his third book, following Teach Me How to Love: A True Story that Touches Hearts and Helps with the Laundry and How to Evolve During the Trump Experience Whether Humanity Joins You or Not.



Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63821-495-3,  $9.95

5 x 8, 44 pages

eBook ISBN: 978-1-63821-496-0 $5.95

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