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My Journey with God by John R. Barrows

Robert D Reed Publishers

My Journey with God by John R. Barrows

$ 9.95

My Journey with God 

by John R. Barrows

This is a Religious Memoir about a man who almost died after a horrific car accident in which his younger brother was killed. John R. Barrows credits God for his survival and has dedicated his life to God. He gives inspirational talks and ministers to others through his talents with music.


"The life story of John (Butch) Barrows is one of amazing miracles in the midst of unbelievable tragedy. It’s a story of pain and loss, yet one of restoration and renewal. With a loving family and a spirit that would not give up, this event turned the bad into triumphant results. Out of the struggle came a man dedicated to God, always willing to use his time and talent for the Lord. The story reveals the process and transformation in the life of Butch, who to me has become a faithful, caring Christian brother." ~ Bob Rose, Former Pastor

"John “Butch” Barrows is a walking miracle, but he is not a self-made man. He is a recipient of the steadfast love of God and the faithful prayers of family and friends. He knows he is alive today to tell a story and to sing a song of praise. For a man of such imposing stature, he has a loving and tender heart. You will be blessed by the testimony of this wonderful servant of God. Butch Barrows is proof that no matter what you go through, you will only get better if you keep your eyes on Jesus." ~ Demetrius Rogers, Lead Pastor, Generations Church, Gresham, Oregon

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Barrows lives with his wife Rose in Gresham, OR. They attend Generations Church and are active members. He speaks and sings for churches and special events.

Also available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. Click here.

My Journey with God by John R. Barrows
ISBN: 978-1-944297-86-2, $9.95, 48 pages
Kindle ISBN: 978-1-944297-87-9, $4.95

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