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More of History's Worst: 2000 Years of Idiocy from Nero to Trump by Adam Powell

Robert Reed Publishers

More of History's Worst: 2000 Years of Idiocy from Nero to Trump by Adam Powell

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AND as a paperback too!

NOTE: This author is from the U.K. and the publishers are in the U.S.

“Adam Powell once again rewrites history with this inspired comic collection of frauds and fanatics.”~ Brian Huggett, editor of People of Few Words Anthology

Idiocy is the best form of comedy, and there is an inexhaustible supply. MORE OF HISTORY’S WORST: 2000 Years of Idiocy from Nero to Trump celebrates the mad, bad, and just plain mediocre. Generals are more dangerous to their own side, monarchs too looney to be let out of the palace, and politicians who make you weep for democracy. There have been plenty of “best ofs,” but More of History's Worst deals with the biggest butchers and buffoons from the ancient world to the bloodstained twentieth century—from the king who thought he was made of glass to the exploding dog regiment. Funny and provocative, this is the stuff you never learned in class. Not so funny to many, the fact that the United States is now pitied in some other countries because of Trump rather than admired, his character (or lack of character) is exemplified in the many quotes President Trump has said.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is well researched and provides a good deal of interesting information. The irreverent and witty style make it a very easy read.” ~ Andy Potts

“In History’s Worst, Adam Powell entertainingly proves the great man’s theory, offering a laugh-out-loud catalogue of morons, madmen and mountebanks who are a testament to man’s infinite capacity for screwing up. From a refreshing take on the usual suspects, such as Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan, to a wry look at less celebrated nut jobs (such as the bonkers leader of Turkmenistan who declared a national ‘melon day’) this book is both amusing and educational, stimulating the reader to look further into historical events, beyond the loonies who so often drove them. This is very funny and readable book, highly recommended for anyone with an interest in history, madness or just having a good laugh.” ~ Simon J. Wright


PART ONE: Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know

Uneasy Heads: History’s Maddest Monarchs

Cruel Rule: History’s Nastiest Royals

Power Corrupts: History’s Most Insane Modern Dictators

Old School: Sociopaths of the Ancient World

PART TWO: Incompetence beyond the Call of Duty

Executive Stress: History’s Worst Presidents

And so… 2016 came along and everything changed: President Donald Trump

Second Choice: History’s Worst Vice Presidents

Divine Wrongs: History’s Worst Kings

The Greasy Pole: History’s Worst Prime Ministers

Tiny Platoons: History’s Dumbest Political Parties

Idiots in Chief: History’s Worst Generals

Battle Fatigue: History’s Worst Military Mistakes

PART THREE: The Things People Say

Withering Heights: History’s Nastiest Insults

Foot in Mouth: History’s Worst Political Bloopers

Day Quayle Deserves His Own Section

Trumpisms: the Wisdom of Donald Trump

Infamous Last Words: History’s Funniest Parting Shots

PART FOUR: Myths and Miscellaneous: Everyday Idiocy

What a Way to Go: History’s Silliest Deaths

He’s Called What? History’s Most Ridiculous Names

Still Doing the Rounds: History’s Greatest Myths

Pointless Pursuits: History’s Worst Sports

Let Nature Take Its Course: History’s Worst Medicines

EDITOR'S NOTE: This edition of the book replaces the 2014 version simply called History's Worst. Because Trump adds so much to the scene 2000 Years of Idiocy, there are two major sections devoted to him. Unlike the 2014 version which was only on Kindle, this one is available in paperback. 

Adam Powell studied History at Newcastle University and has taught the subject for over twenty years in international schools. He originally trained as a journalist and worked for a range of publications, writing satirical pieces for The Voice of Reason, Deadbrain and Humorfeed and The Sabotage Times. He was also included in the People of Few Words humour anthology. He is married to the children’s author, Carmen Powell, and has one daughter. In 2019, his book about World War 1 veterans, Soldiering On, was published.

ISBN: 978-1-944297-66-4, 222 pages, 87 images (including the cover on the title page and a collage of 7 pictures of Donald Trump), $14.95

ISBN: 978-1-944297-67-1, $7.99




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