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Laddie, the Lobster, Meets New Friends by Summer Belle and Tatum Grace

Robert D Reed Publishers

Laddie, the Lobster, Meets New Friends by Summer Belle and Tatum Grace

$ 14.95

This delightful children's book, Lenny, the Lobster, Meets New Friends, was written by Summer Belle and her eight-year-old granddaughter, Tatum Grace. The illustrator, Janelle Metzgus, exquisitely captured each sea creature and the plot in such a charming way. 

The dedication says, "This book is dedicated to people with disabilities. May they know their inner wholeness regardless of any perceived imperfection in their bodies."

Lenny, the Lobster, is missing part of one of his claws. He is so happy he has lots of friends, and no one is perfect, and that is okay. 

With bullying as such a problem in our day and age, this book is about sea creatures who act in loving ways, never making fun of a disability but bonding as friends instead.  Sarah, the Seahorse, has part of one of her fins missing, as does Sammy, the Shark. 

People of all ages will enjoy this book, as it tickles the hearts of the child within. Grandparents will love reading this to their grandchildren. Parents and teachers will all want this book in their library. Anyone with a disability or who is bullied for any reason will delight in this book. Children who are "normal" will benefit by becoming more altruistic and understanding reading this book.

Available as a Kindle eBook too.

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