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YES, I AM An Artist After All! by Cleone Lyvonne Reed

Robert D Reed Publishers

YES, I AM An Artist After All! by Cleone Lyvonne Reed

$ 7.99

The Graphic Designer/Editor for Robert D. Reed Publishers, Cleone Lyvonne Reed, created this personal book which is available as a pdf from this site.

Order here, and she will email you a high-quality PDF that you can view on any computer or device.

She says,

"This a pictorial memoir processing my identity as an artist, something challenging for me to do, even though I have several mediums of creativity: painting, mosaics, creating on Photoshop, sewing, creating clowns, poetry, photography, etc. I am surrounded by my creations, have even won recognition for my art. However, because I have not sold anything, it is hard to call myself an artist. But professionally, I do create book covers, so it is easier to label myself a graphic artist. But that is not my only form of artistic expression. I am now owning, that Yes, I AM An ARTIST After All!"

The book is 114 pages long, a 7 x 7 in sort cover, hard cover, or pdf from; just click here.

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