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Warriors of the Galaxy: A Sara Steele Novel

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Warriors of the Galaxy: A Sara Steele Novel

$ 14.95

Warriors of the Galaxy:
A Sara Steele Novel


by Garry J. Peterson

Available as a KINDLE eBook. Click here.


EVERY GENERATION HAS A LEGEND . . . Sara didn't start out expecting to change the world. She inherited it from her dad and grandad. But she didn't expect it. For much of her early years, Sara thought her family was pretty weird, and there seemed to be plenty of evidence to prove it.
     Her late grandfather Pete Stevenson, maybe the weirdest of all, was an automotive engineer whose hobby was trying to chase down proof of aliens and time travel all over the world. Incidents through the years seemed to suggest that Grandad had indeed come across compelling evidence that alien presence was real. Informed speculation regarding alien presence had now become an irrefutable fact.
     For the longest time, Sara didn't think she'd inherited the weirdness gene, but boy, was she wrong. Now Sara steel has become the Warrior Princess, and together with a strong team of outliers and overachievers, enters an unknown future built on a disruptive present following an inaccessible past.

"A simply riveting and great fun read from cover to cover, WARRIORS OF THE GALAXY is the third Sara Steele novel in author Garry Peterson's simply outstanding scient fiction series, 'Stargate Earth.' While absolutely and unreservedly recommended for all dedicated science fiction action/adventure fans, it should be noted for both personal reading lists and community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections that WARRIORS OF THE GALAXY is available in both a paperback and a digital book format (Kindle, $7.99). Of special note is Garry Peterson's website at" ~ James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review, Library Bookwatch: April 2021

"WARRIORS OF THE GALAXY is a wild and exciting ride! From learning that aliens are real to discovering that some might consider humans a source of food, the challenges and threats never end. They thought the looming, multiple, existential climate crises were the biggest of their problems! From ancient Egypt to beyond the far side of the Moon, this is a story with thrills and chills for almost everyone . . . including you!" ~ Mark Schultz

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Garry J. Peterson is the author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, following a successful career in international corporate management. His most recent non-fiction book is a “how-to” business book, Who Put Me in CHARGE? Garry has also completed a companion Implementation Guide for this book.

As a former consultant and business coach, Garry now spends his time writing science fiction thrillers and conducting both motivational and subject matter speaking engagements.

Garry has written over 300 trade journal articles, white papers, client presentations, and website content. He has given commencement addresses and public service keynote speeches.

He has a passion for hard science fiction and weaves personal stories, humor, and visionary thinking into his writings. His current writing project is a five-book sci-fi series, STARGATE EARTH, beginning with book one, SHATTERED TRUTH. His second book in the series is ALIEN DISRUPTION.

Garry lives in Florida with his wife Vaune. He plays in a competitive softball league and is an avid scuba diver and kayaker. Their daughter, Sarah, lives in San Francisco.

Visit his website at

You can also follow Garry on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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