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"REMOTE is a light hearted and humorous take on life in the rural community of Remote, Oregon. Various plots twist and turn as the locals are forced to meet the challenges that two newcomers bring with them. The many vagaries of small town life provide an entertaining read. (And yes, Remote, Oregon, really exists!)" ~Nattie Ingram

"Megan, How wonderful to receive your book! I couldn't put it down, once I began reading. You have a real talent for writing. This fiction involved a number of characters, and you very aptly described them perfectly. I enjoyed reading the "Author" remarks and the pictures." ~ Phyllis B.


Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2020
"A delightful journey through rural Oregon of the 1970's, each character is worthy of attention.
"I will never forget Sutton Smithe for as long as I live!"

About to be arrested for appalling welfare fraud, Sutton Smithe flees Los Angeles, California, and heads north to hide out. Remote, Oregon, sounded appropriate for his purpose. When the heat is off, he’d move to Portland where he could expand his nefarious schemes and once again enjoy a big city.

He does not know that a buzz-saw named Carolyn Nuthatch awaits him in Train’s End, a defunct logging camp two miles from Remote. She’s prepared to slice up the first “disadvantaged victims of society” who wander in and remodel them, for their own good. Sutton and his cousin Dusty Dobbins become her first protégés of her schemes.

Carolyn is hiding a guilty secret. She justifies this burden by becoming the virtuous moral guardian of the settlement. Always on the lookout for sweeping rehabilitation projects, she sees Sutton’s and Dusty’s surprise arrivals as the perfect opportunity. She tricks them into signing a homemade contract obligating them for a year’s work that will turn them into productive citizens—”workfare, not welfare,” as she explains.

Sutton and Carolyn can’t stand each other. Carolyn won’t tolerate violence, coarse language, noise, air pollution, cigar smoking, or drugs. Sutton will do whatever it takes to indulge his gluttonous self while hiding his shady past in Los Angeles.

After a year of chaos and intrigue, a real estate developer sizes up the area’s potential, buys cheap land, and builds a small resort hotel. This sparks a scramble to get a piece of the action. Now that progress and prosperity loom, the inert unemployed residents energize themselves, ignoring Carolyn’s nagging and Sutton’s seductions and take charge of their lives. Of course this general transformation is not as slick as it sounds. Along the way, there are detours for rebellions, vendettas, a false pregnancy, dubious love affairs, a death, and Sutton’s eventual success in escaping to Portland. Carolyn’s past catches up with her and she has to remodel her own image.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Megan Wren, ninety years old, a resident of Bandon, Oregon, has had an extraordinary life. She is the mother of two daughters. Between 1951 and 1980, she relocated many times supporting the career of her husband, an engineering director and university department head.

For four years, between 1980 and 1984, she was the owner and manager of MEGAN’S FRIENDS, a private membership Bed & Breakfast Reservation Service Organization in San Luis Obispo, California.

With a BA in Languages and Psychology, she has had several vocations/avocations: as a writer for magazines and newspapers and as a tutor for English, K–adult. She founded, developed, and managed the Institute for Noetic Sciences in Lincoln City, Oregon; the United Neighbors of Otis, Oregon; and Wren Heritage Gardens, Otis, Oregon. She was a public opinion researcher, a political campaigner, a Director of Education K–12, and a home and garden designer. She has worked in experimental horticulture. She founded the Family Organic Gardeners in Lincoln City, Oregon. She was a field investigatory undercover agent for the county legal and sheriff’s departments, and she has done medical research and caregiving.

Now, she still writes and maintains a collection of special garden plants accompanied by a family of White-crowned Sparrows.

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Soft Cover: 978-1-944297-69-5

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246 pages

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