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Living Your American Dream explores the frailties of human existence and provides simple proven techniques and solutions to recover ones health, wealth, and happiness.

This book is also available as a Kindle e-Book.

Mike Marciniak grew up in a loving, happy family despite having very little money.  Hard work in college and on Wall Street provided him with the money he always dreamed of.  What he discovered was that rich or poor, educated or not, the same issues plague individuals. What puzzled Mike were these self-afflicted aspects of suffering, greed, addiction, drug and alcohol abuse, dysfunctional family relationships, and general unhappiness.  He set out to answer the question why and what could be done to change lives.

As he witnessed these issues in the lives of friends, co-workers and in his own life, he began to question his definition of success. Through trial and error, reading, listening and personal experiences, Mike discovered some simple principles that he applied to his own life to find enjoyment and peace of mind.

Living Your American Dream will move you closer to the life you want and deserve.

“Marciniak defines the true American dream and shows you how to get there. He exposes the national Ponzi scheme of debt spending and shows you how to get off that train and get into a life of integrity and true strength.”  ~ Steve Chandler, Author of Time Warrior

 “Marciniak’s well-grounded approach is a pathway that can lead to joy and overall life enhancement.”  ~ Rudy Hlavek, Former Sr. Exective Vice President/Divisional Director of Smith Barney

 “Living Your American Dream is filled with timeless wisdom. Marciniak transcends his vast experience in the financial world and provides a brilliant integration of his life’s learning that may be applied to all of us.”  ~ Jim Loehr, Ed.D. Performance psychologist and best-selling author

 “Marciniak reveals the culprits that eroded the American Dream and left millions of Americans financially and emotionally bankrupt, yet he reminds us we cannot go back in time, but rather we should reclaim certain values and morals and lead by example to endow future generations with a prosperous, principle-based, and rewarding life.”  ~ Nick Bolletteiri, founder IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy

Keys to Finding Success and Happiness by Living and Enjoying the Present

In “Living Your American Dream” Michael Marchiniak captures the essence of foundational core values and basic principles which when applied can create positive individual change. He brings an incredible insight into the importance of building a balance of fitness finances, friendship, family, and faith into any strategy for finding success and happiness.

Michael’s writing style resonates with me. He combines a warm sense of individual sensitivity leading the reader to feel the relaxed comfort of having coffee with a friend, sitting front row center in attendance at one of his seminars, or being present, one on one, with him in a life coaching or mentoring session. A gifted communicator, Michael brings together an underlying practicality to an inspiring, informative message backed with the experience of success attained by few, envied by many, and available to all who are “Living the American Dream.”

Michael skillfully integrates a program for finding success and satisfaction through personal accomplishment, valued relationships, and freedom from anxiety by changing your focus from attaining success to a focus on finding happiness.

Whether you are facing physical crisis, emotional struggles, a career change, seeking financial independence, or just looking for a fresh approach to meaningful change “Living Your American Dream” will meet you where you are and guide you on the path to a new level of enjoying the present.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Mike Marciniak 

Mike Marciniak was born on the South Side of Chicago and reared in an 800-square-foot flat which he shared with his parents and three siblings. After growing up poor, he vowed he would make enough money to provide for his family and planned to become a carpenter.Upon the advice of a mentor, he opted to drop his carpentry dream and attended Northern Illinois University, graduating with a degree in Finance and later an MBA.

He then began his climb up the corporate ladder on Wall Street, first at Merrill Lynch and then as a Training Officer for Shearson Lehman Bros, training over 800 Financial Advisors. Finally, he became a Branch Manager and finished his career as a Regional Director for Smith Barney. At the peak of his career, Mike realized he had lost track of what mattered most to him and began to feel disconnected from his values, himself, his American Dream.

A period of reevaluation led to the principles Mike teaches today. Retired at age 51, and now in his second career, Mike hopes to inspire and help others to be happy with what they have, rise above adversity, and manage their health and finances for long-term prosperity and happiness. He believes if we do fundamentals exceptionally well, maintain personal balance, and focus on values, we will rediscover and recover the American Dream, not just for ourselves, but as a shining example for everyone on earth.

Michael Marciniak is the Chief Business Officer and Senior Partner of Advisors Ahead LLC, continuing his purpose and passion of mentoring, coaching and developing Financial Advisors. Mike has been in the Financial Services Industry for over 30 years.

Follow him on his blog with Advisors Ahead.

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