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Live Longer while Feeling Younger by Francis Xavier Cunningham and Jerry Dorsman

Robert D Reed Publishers

Live Longer while Feeling Younger by Francis Xavier Cunningham and Jerry Dorsman

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When talking about life expectancy, we often hear phrases like: “It’s all in the genes.” Or “What’s your genetic background?” Or “You probably inherited that problem.” Genetics is often considered a significant factor in life expectancy. Actually, our genetic inheritance can have either a positive or a negative influence. Genetics more often have been cited as having a negative influence. But interestingly, genetics diminishes as a key factor in our longevity as we age. This book reviews the conventional wisdom as well as some “unconventional wisdom” concerning the practices of proper exercise, proper diet, adequate sleep, a tranquil mind, and other key lifestyle approaches that are thought to contribute to healthful longevity. On these pages, Frank Cunningham and Jerry Dorsman share with the reader the routines and practices that they have followed to extend longevity. In addition, they present healthful practices gleaned from others, from everyday people who are aging gracefully, and from scientists and researchers who have studied what works. Frank expected to be mentally and physically able to take care of himself to age 100 and beyond. In spite of his efforts however, he died shortly after the original version of this book was published. The title of the original edition was “I’m 85, I Feel Like I’m 55, and I’ll Live to 105: Will You Join Me?” He made it to 87 and was lucid right up to the last three weeks of his life. In the original edition, he revealed what he believed were the keys to help people “live longer while feeling younger.” This now has become the title of this revised edition. This edition retains most of the original text by Frank Cunningham but benefits from a new edit and additional material by Jerry Dorsman.

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