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How to Have a Loving Relationship by Helene Rothschild

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How to Have a Loving Relationship by Helene Rothschild

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If you are single, engaged, married, separated, or divorced, this book can help you learn what it takes to enjoy a loving, successful relationship. Many people have learned the hard way that love is not enough. “We need a manual and tools to build a strong house, and we also need these things to create and maintain a healthy relationship,” says psychotherapist Helene Rothschild. 
Benefit from her many important insights and solutions in these 33 easy-to-read articles that for over 30 years have helped her clients to overcome their problems, and finally know how to enjoy a loving, long-lasting relationship. 

1. Love Is
2. Seven Keys to A Great Relationship 
3. 50 Ways to Nurture Yourself 
4. 50 Affirmations to Raise Your Self-Esteem 
5. Degree In Intimacy 
6. Best Insurance Policy For Relationships 
7. The Biggest Mistake Men Make In Relationships 
8. The Biggest Mistake Women Make In Relationships 
9. “Come Close, But Stay Away” 
10. Fantastic Relationships 
11. The Female Dilemma 
12. The Male Dilemma 
13. “I Love You and I Need Space” 
14. Love Is Not Enough 
15. What Is Love? 
16. Healing Sexual Issues Improves Self-Esteem and Relationships 
17. 20 Keys to Fantastic Relationships 
18. Relationship Modeling 
19. “Romantic Relationships 101” 
20. The Biggest Mistakes Couples Make 
21. Why Men Sabotage Relationships 
22. Why Women Sabotage Relationships 
23. Why Romance Stops and How to Keep it Alive 
24. Are You Listening? 
25. How to Communicate With Yourself 
26. The Art of Communication 
27. Resentment—The Bite That Holds On 
28. Win-Win Problem Solving 
29. 30 Guidelines for Solving Problems 
30. Releasing Anger 
31. How Am I Doing With My Communication Questionnaire 
32. How Am I Doing in My Romantic Relationships Questionnaire 
33. A Loving Wedding Ceremony 
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