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Flightmares: Sky-High Humor

Robert D Reed Publishers

Flightmares: Sky-High Humor

$ 9.95

Fasten your seat belts, secure your tray tables into their full upright and locked position, and get ready to enjoy some Sky-High Humor in Flightmares!

“I almost landed in a river of laughter tears.   ~ Pilot

“I want to fly with this guy!” ~ Stalker

Flightmares: best medicine for air sickness.”  ~ Dr. Quack-Up

“I found Flightmares under my seat instead of a flotation device. It works better!”   ~ Floating Passenger

Flightmares is great for an Airforce-One hand-out.”   ~ POTUS

Flightmares is always good for a laugh.”   L TV Comedian

“I stole this from a store; now I feel guilty and feel the guy who wrote it needs the money.”   ~ Kleptomaniac

IT IS OK TO TELL THESE STORIES ANYTIME YOU WANT. Just mention the title, Flightmares by Bob Reed.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert D. Reed (Bob), the fun-loving and generous founder of Robert D. Reed Publishers, has produced and distributed around 2000 titles in his 45+ years as a publisher, including Patch Adams’ best-selling book House Calls. Bob has also co-authored more than 50 books and resource guides.  Wherever he goes, fun, humor and laughter follow him. He even has the word “fun” in his author contracts. His wife Cleone works with him as an editor and graphic designer. Bob is an avid gardener and enjoys cooking, traveling, movies, and spending time with family and friends.

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