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Dr. Huntley's Recipe for Optimum Health by Elizabeth Huntley, Ph.D.

Robert D Reed Publishers

Dr. Huntley's Recipe for Optimum Health by Elizabeth Huntley, Ph.D.

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A Nutritional Approach to Overall Wellness and Detoxification of the Body

FOOD! We all love it! We all need it! But are we creating health or disease with what we put in our mouths? Is our food coming out of a box or a can, or did we buy it fresh at the farmers' market or an organic health food store? Just how long has that jar of peanut butter or bag of corn chips been sitting on the shelf, possibly turning rancid? Even more unsettling, when we visit the doctor after getting sick from our stale food filled with preservatives and other additives, are we merely given a bottle of pills or surgery?

This book by nutritionist Elizabeth Huntley, PhD outlines a dietary approach to overall wellness and detoxification of the body, including easy-to-follow recipes and instructions for purchasing and preparing healthy, fresh foods.

"Never accept what anyone else tells you to believe. Find the truth for yourself and contribute what you can to the welfare of the world." ~ Elizabeth Huntley, PhD

From the Foreword by Michael Moore ... She tested me with her radionics machine and told me that my immune system was extremely suppressed. This was probably why I had been so sickly my whole life. I asked her if we could fix it and she said we could. All I had to do was follow the nutritional program and the diet. I was very motivated because I was tired of being sick. So, I followed her recommendations. I felt better and better as the weeks and months went by. I loved the work she was doing so much that I started working as her receptionist...

In observing many clients who were on her nutritional program, I began to realize there was only one requirement for them to improve or get well, and that was to simply follow the program. If they received her instructions and continued to eat garbage and not take their supplements, they would not get better. However, if they simply followed her instructions, they got better. It was a very rewarding process to witness. It also taught me much about the meaning of personal responsibility. We are all individually responsible for the quality of our lives, and diet is simply one area in which this truth shines through.

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