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Debi, the Dolphin, Leads the Way to Help Friends

Robert D Reed Publishers

Debi, the Dolphin, Leads the Way to Help Friends

$ 16.95

In this second book by Summer Belle, her characters and this story capture what it means to be a friend. They all live in the sea, so they don't go into the forest to find their lost friends (as in the quote above by Morgan Matson) but in the ocean. Every creature in this delightful story is either lost, afraid and seeking help, curious to see more than what they usually see in their everyday lives, or helpful to those either needing help or wanting to experience more of life. For example, some of the sea creatures had never seen the sky because they live on the bottom of the ocean.

        This story goes beyond sea creatures helping each other. When Debi, the dolphin, decided to form a band, she had no trouble finding friends to play instruments with her and to sing.

       One of the underlying messages in this book for children to glean is that it is okay to be afraid and to ask for help. And it is okay to ask others to be your friend. Naturally, it is rewarding to be helpful to others, but none of the characters in this book boast about how helpful they are. They just do what comes naturally... act kind and helpful without any expectations of any reward other than the good feeling inside just for being helpful and having fun.

Debi, the Dolphin is available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook for $5.99

And as a print-on-demand paperback book for $16.95.

62 pages

8.5 x 8.5 paperback, full color

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8321656655

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