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Brain Teasers by Kiran Srinivas

Robert Reed Publishers

Brain Teasers by Kiran Srinivas

$ 9.95

Learn to "think outside the box" with Kiran Srinivas' new book of mental puzzles!

This exciting and diverse collection of mental puzzles will equip you with the valuable ability to "think outside the box." Brain Teasers teaches creative, non-standard approaches to problem solving, and will motivate you to think in ways you never have before.

Brain Teasers includes many puzzles for interviews. If you plan to interview at an investment bank, consulting firm, high-tech firm, or in any other related field, mastery of the puzzles and the logic attached can be the deciding factor in getting that job offer. Although many of the puzzles are difficult and challenging, a middle-school education is sufficient to enable you to solve almost all of them.

Also included are popular interview questions given at Microsoft and Goldman Sachs, old-time favorites of celebrities such as Warren Buffet, Lewis Caroll, and John F. Kennedy, and new puzzles created by the author.

Brain Teasers might initially strain your brain, but it offers ample opportunity to expand your creative and mental abilities as you learn to "think outside the box."



Kiran Srinivas is a huge fan of brain teasers and other mental puzzles. He currently works at an asset-management firm in New York City. He previously worked on Wall Street as an investment banker and futures/derivatives trader. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Stanford University. In his spare time, Kiran enjoys playing sports (especially football and basketball), spending time with family and friends, reading, dancing, and playing cards and chess.



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