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Angel Talks Book

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ANGEL TALKS: Unraveling the Mysteries of God by Thomas E. Carpenter

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That angels exist is well accepted in world religions.  There is little doubt angels act as our protectors and serve God as messengers.  Not everyone would accept, however, the idea of having conversational access to the angels that serve us.  The author, Thomas E. Carpenter, insists it is possible and claims we’re all capable of learning how to do so.  Angel Talks itself is an example of such a conversation—it is an extended dialogue between the author and his angels.

The book is more than a simple dialogue, however.  In very readable English, the angels share their wisdom by offering insight into many of the mysteries surrounding God.  In their attempt to unravel the mysteries, the angels cut across the grain of commonly accepted ideas and expose the mythical nature of many of our more common spiritual clichés. 

ANGEL TALKS also offers suggestions and exercises that will help the reader communicate with their own angels.  When doing so, the reality of God’s creation becomes experiential.

“Prepare yourself for a mind-stretching, soul-deepening experience!” ~ Rev. Katherine Neville Smith, Religious Science minister

"A practical and enlightening guide....  A must-read for spiritual seekers."  ~ Rev. Sheryl Finch, Unity minister

"The author... takes the reader along for a joy ride through the vast mysteries of space and the depths of the human soul.  Great reading!"  ~ Rev. Maria Shamaya Clemente, Religious Science minister and author of A World at Peace

"ANGEL TALKS  is for anyone who ever wished that prayer could be more than speaking words to God and receiving just a feeling for an answer."  ~ Rev. Donald C. Hancock, Retired Baptist minister and chaplain

ANGEL TALKS:  Unraveling the Mysteries of God

A Review by Kate Rakini

Life has long been a mystery to me.  Perhaps many of us wish it were simpler, or try to make it simpler, than it really is.  I have learned over the years to be less judgmental of people and situations and to sit back and admit that there is most likely a bigger picture that I cannot see.  Tom Carpenter’s book gives us glimpses of life’s complexities and therefore glimpses of the bigger picture.

Tom Carpenter is passionate about communicating with angels and spirit guides, and once you read ANGEL TALKS:  Unraveling the Mysteries of God, you may be, too.  Not only does this book provide information not found in other books in this same genre, it also includes guidelines to help the reader communicate with their own angels.

For much of his life the author had little interest in religion or spirituality.  With degrees in mathematics and computer science from the University of Oklahoma and Purdue University, he served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force and later in the U.S. Civil Service. 

It wasn’t until 1990 that he began to explore the ideas presented by the New Thought movement, and his growing faith eventually led to a very experiential spirituality – communicating with his angels.  For many years this was just his own personal spiritual dialog, but he felt a desire to explore many issues of a deeper, more universal nature and bring that ensuing dialog to the public.

He covers the subject of reincarnation and choosing our life circumstances and lessons before we are born.  But “life happens,” and things may or may not turn out the way we planned.  He questions the myth that we choose to come into abusive situations here on Earth and offers alternate explanations.

A thought-provoking discussion of prayer explains why prayer is often ineffective and what to do to make it more effective.  When I read that core beliefs and intentions, as well as positive and negative expectations, have a greater effect than our spoken words of prayer, it rang true for me.

ANGEL TALKS presumes, of course, that you believe in angels and spirit guides in the first place, and gives an enlightening account of how they help and work with us.  The author discusses our soul’s or higher self’s involvement in our life, the Universal Mind, and the oneness of God.  Sometimes I had to concentrate quite intently to comprehend this information, but perhaps that is why it’s called “the mystery of God.”  With chapter titles such as “Our Uniqueness,” “So Many Gods,” and “Hate the Sin, but not the Sinner,” there is much to entertain and stimulate us.

I chose to go beyond the passive role of the reader living vicariously through Tom and his relationship with his angels.  I dove right in, read the appendices and attempted a dialog with my own angels.  I was fortunate in being able to turn to Tom for guidance and soon labeled him my “angel coach.”   Intuitively I knew that the ability to dialog with my angels would be of great benefit to me, but things started out a bit sketchy.  Tom had great suggestions to keep me going when I considered giving up.

In a world where we are taught to turn to outer authorities for everything – teachers, doctors, ministers, politicians, etc. – ANGEL TALKS facilitates the finding of one’s inner authority.  This book gives us not just the author’s experience and example, as many other books do, and not just instructions on how to communicate with angels, as other books do.  We are given both, allowing us to move from a passive role to an active one and experience the reality of communicating with beings in the spiritual realm.  Doing so has changed my life in a way I had never expected.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thomas E. Carpenter has been communicating with his angels for many years.  He is a graduate of both the University of Oklahoma and Purdue University.  After many dedicated years of service, he retired as an officer from the U.S. Air Force and later from U.S. Civil Service.  Religion and spirituality were not a primary concern of Tom’s until 1990 when he became interested in the New Thought movement.  Since then, he has devoted much of his life to spiritual growth and his church community. 

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