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Alzheimer's 911

Robert Reed Publishers

Alzheimer's 911: Help, Hope, and Healing for the Caregiver by Frena Gray-Davidson

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Alzheimer’s 911 is a must-read for absolutely everyone associated with anyone with dementia. With humor, spiritual sophistication, practicality, and twenty-plus years of experience, Frena Gray-Davidson takes the same approach to the inner world of people with dementia that she did as a foreign correspondent in India, Nepal, and China—looking with fresh and curious eyes to understand the people from their perspective, without judgments.

Alzheimer's 911 is also available as a Kindle e-book.

Frena Gray-Davidson gives us a fresh way to walk through this holy ground of caregiving. She opens a window that does not show a brick wall but a colorful garden of possibility. . . .
Alzheimer’s 911 turns the horrendous word “victimhood” into “transformation.” It offers creative, profound, and simple ways of being on this journey together, no longer as strangers but as friends.                                        
~ Rev. Virginia Studer, Faith Presbyterian Church, Sierra Vista, AZ

Frena Gray-Davidson’s Alzheimer’s 911 an indispensable gift to anyone dealing with dementia. With humor, sensitivity and clarity, the author flawlessly offers the two most profound and precious tools to anyone associated with dementia diseases: hope and pragmatism.
~ Christiane Griffin-Wehr, Author of Travels in Place: A Journey into Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s 911 is an impressive, empowering, and honest book, full of frank and fearless advice and very practical help. Her personal anecdotes are both touching and humorous, and she enables caregivers to understand what is really going on inside the person with dementia. I laughed and I cried and found this book very entertaining, as well as deeply spiritual.
~ Raghida Khouri, RN

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Frena Gray-Davidson was born and raised in England. She worked as a feature writer and broadcaster in Asia for fifteen years and was the NBC Radio Correspondent for Nepal. In Hong Kong, she studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture for five years, as well as Tai Chi. She came to the USA in 1986, where she first become involved in Alzheimer's care. 

She has been a support group facilitator for the Alzheimer's Association, keynote speaker for the Royal Alzheimer Society of Great Britain, and has trained professional dementia-care workers and educated family caregivers for over ten years. She is the author of seventeen books, including The Book of Chinese Beliefs and Ayurvedic Healing. She also wrote The Alzheimer's Sourcebook, now in its third edition, described by Dr. Tom Kitwood of the groundbreaking Bradford Dementia Project as "the best book on Alzheimer's I've ever read."

Frena is an international presenter of workshops on dementia. She currently resides in Bisbee, Arizona. You can email her at 

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